Air Conditioning

Summer months in India see the temperature in the range of 40-50 degrees, something that may make your life super uncomfortable Air Conditioning . The heat, dryness coupled with humidity may not be comforted by anything other than an air conditioner. 

But before you switch on your AC that has been inactive for the whole winter, it would be good to check it for possible issues. It is important to do as doing that will help you use your best AC under 30000 at its best potential. 

What’s more, you can also follow some air conditioning maintenance and cooling tips so that your AC may work at its best. Read on!

  • A ceiling fan has its importance

Many people may not agree to it, but using a ceiling fan may cool down your room faster and efficiently. On hot days, you can try switching the ceiling fan on, along with your AC. The combination will help in dispersing the heat from the ceiling and circulate your room better. This way, you won’t have to keep running your best AC under 30000 for long and save on power bills. 

  • Ensure that your windows and doors of AC Rooms are sealed

Did you know that your AC will start straining to cool the room when the cool air starts leaking out of the windows and doors that may have been kept partially or otherwise? Thus, before the approaching of the summer months, you should ensure that the windows and doors of your air conditioners are sealed properly. It will help you save energy on cooling all year.

  • Keep your condenser in good condition 

The condenser of your AC is like its heart or brain and must be kept in order to continue working without issues. Hence, always ensure that the condenser of your AC is in great condition. You should get it tested before the onset of summer months only by certified engineers. A clogged will definitely put more strain on your device to work harder and in the process, consume more power units leading to higher electricity bills. 

  • Do not run your AC all day long 

ACs are designed to provide you with effective cooling and can run for 24 hours without issues, but it is a machine after all. Hence, it does make sense to provide your machine with some break so that its longevity may be given a push. If nights in your area are cool and mornings comfortable, then you should open the windows and doors. You can also use your ceiling fan, and an air cooler to enjoy energy-efficient sleep. In turn, it will help you avoid paying bigger electricity bills. 

  • Do not thrive on older air conditioning machines 

Any air conditioners that have been cooling your room for 5/6 years become nothing but energy suckers and makes you deal with escalated power bills. It may not seem like a good idea at first, but replacing your older AC with a cost and energy-efficient model would be the best thing. The best AC under 30000 with 5 Star BEE Rating should be your goal so that you can save up to 25% on power bills.

The difference between 3 star and 5 star AC is that a 3 Star AC saves only up to 15% on power compared to 25% by a 5 Star AC. If you have plans to use your AC in your shop and other places that need longer operations, then it would be apt to go for an inverter AC with 5 Star BEE Rating. An inverter AC will help you save more on energy bills compared to a conventional 5 Star rated AC. 

Before summer months hit you with its intensity, it would be good to follow the discussed hacks so that you can enjoy a comfortable season without issues.