Top 5 Cake Ideas For Graduation Ceremony

Graduation is one of those turning points when you complete your first step and step ahead in the next chapter of life. Every student work so hard to get a degree and for known to be a graduate. Graduation makes him/her feel like they do or achieve something in their lives and ready to go forward. There is respect behind to be graded and a pride moment for a family and themselves as well. 

After all, grad does the hard work to achieve this pride deserves a celebration to remember the time. There is no doubt that everyone wants a graduation party to be an unforgettable event which never going to be complete without a graduation cake. As cakes are a vital part of each and every celebration; thus, we never even think this grad’s graduation party complete without having a lovey-dovey cake. There are various cakes you can get online from various websites or even bake yourself at home. Online cake delivery in Thane is more popular nowadays that you can go for. If you are planning to throw an ultimate graduation party this year and looking for unique graduation cake ideas, read this article to learn how you can make your celebration memorable and last longer. 

Here are some amazing cake ideas which are easy-to-make and can be served at a graduation party.

Yellow Cake with Buttercream Frosting: This yellow cake is the whisk-together batter that’s adapted with buttermilk cake base that I’ve used for so many cakes, including Buttermilk pancakes cake and blueberry muffin, caramelized banana cake, and many more. This is one of the delicious cakes which is moist, springy, soft, and loved by everyone. And you can’t go wrong with them to make your special moment a memorable one. 

One-Bowl Chocolate Cake: This is a moist and rich chocolate cake. It only takes a few minutes to prepare whenever you want to bake. Frost with chocolate frosting, this cake will surely gratify the taste buds of your loved ones or guests. As chocolate is the most loved delicacy; thus, you will never be disappointed with these cakes. Moreover, you can surprise your loved ones who have done or going to complete his/her graduation with this yummilicious cake.

Pineapple Sheet Cake: Delicious and yummy, this pineapple cake is always listed in favourite desserts or at the top to win the heart of everyone. If you also win the heart of your near and dear ones, then you must go for this pineapple cake. This cake gives a sweet and tangy flavour and covers with heavy cream, which makes the person addicted to it. Cheese cream makes this cake much popular. So, whenever you are going to conduct a graduation party, celebrate your milestones with this delicious cake. 

Cookies-Cream Cake: If you love cookie ice cream, then you will surely love the cookie cream cake. The chocolate-flavoured texture is mixed into the batter and pressed into the creamy and sweet frosting. Twice the fun of cookie and cake is present in one; this cake is always known for winning the hearts of people. So, this is another cake option you can try this year.

Chocolate-Peanut Butter Sheet Cake: There is no one who doesn’t like chocolate cake with peanut toppings. This is a combination of recipes to blend the two. And you can top this cake with heavy ice-cream to make it more delicious. Peanuts are also good for health, and when it’s combined with cake, expressive of sweet craving will go at the top level.

Life after college will be busy as every graduate gets a job or will be busy in making money. Later on, the time will come when you miss all those old days which you spent with your classmates or college mates. And graduation party is the best time to create beautiful memories which you all can cherish for a lifetime. So wherever you wander which cake you should take for your graduation party, read this link and search these cake recipes online. Now anyone can order cake online in Pune for their loved ones as well. Enjoy your special time, and enjoy yummy cakes!