Visitor Management System

Product and software upgrades will become increasingly important when it comes to Visitor Management solutions. Upgrades are important to keep systems updated with new technology and new integrations that are made available. Threats are too complex for traditional security methods now; it’s time for more advanced protection.

There are various visitor management system solutions that are related to problems

A visitor management system is a software that manages the visitor digitally at your premises. It eliminates the paper-based manual system and provides security to your premises. With a manual system, the visitor sign-in process and fetching information from IDs are not secure enough. But Digital visitor management system provides accurate information about the visitors. The visitor management system provides the digital check-ins, E-badges with the photo and details, host notification, and many more features to the visitors.

Advanced features of the visitor management system

Digital Check-ins

The visitor management system allows the guests to check-in digitally eliminating the hectic paperwork. It also gives an extraordinary charm to your front desk and leaves a professional first impression on your guests.

  • Digital check-in reduces paper-work and enhances security.
  • Visitors can check-in themself without any help from another person.

Host Notification (via multiple channels)

Whenever the visitor sign-in via a visitor management system, then the host is notified of the visitor’s arrival. It also notifies your employees when their visitors arrive. It gives the host a message about the meeting.

  • Vizitor makes it easy to reach employees and visitors where they are.
  • Send host notifications via email, SMS, and instant notifications.
  • Vizitor PASS can send push notifications that include badge printing.

Digital Document Signing- NDA’s

Maximize the security of your premises by making visitors check-in in NDAs digitally. If your legal document is required, no visitor will be able to sign in without providing their signature.

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) protects your company’s confidential information. An NDA is useful to make sure that they don’t share it with anyone else. Here are a few examples of when you might use an NDA:

  • Sharing information with a business partner
  • Pitching a technology to investors
  • Giving employees access to sensitive information that they need to do their jobs

Badge Printing

Get your personalized badge printed instantly for more safety and identification within office premises. High-quality badges are printed instantly. Here are Sign-in details on the badge

  • Badge details correspond with sign-in fields, that most important information prints right on the badges.
  • Display the company name of the client badges, hostname on the interviewee badges, and any other details required in offices.
  • It’s easy to print custom messages on your visitor’s badges- anything too friendly greeting to helpful information.

Pre-register Visitors

Pre-register visitors before they arrive. Select a host and schedule a visit with date, time, and location information. Send the visit information to both the guest and the host.

  • Invite guests individually or in bulk by sending automated requests to Visitors through QR codes via messages and emails to fast-track the sign-in process.
  • Provide check-in details via email even before the visitor arrives.
  • The host can invite visitors using the dashboard. And the Vizitor PASS mobile app makes it easy to invite visitors on the go.
  • Provide sign-in details via email, SMS even before the visitor arrives.

Protecting the Future of Organization with VMS

Improved Visitor Insights and Detailed Reports

  • Capturing visitors’ data with the help of visitor management software without human intervention anymore.
  • With the Visitor management system you can now get unaltered, clean, and insightful visitor data that could be useful in providing solutions to your visitor management needs.
  • With actionable visitor insights at your side, you can see patterns of the time spent on visitor engagements and optimize as you deem fit.

 An Increased User Experience

  • As digital transformation success is intimately tied to the user and customer experience.
  • This will continue to drive business investments in digital transformation.
  • Organizations increasingly transition from building internal competencies.

Increases Productivity:

  •  Product and service quality is also improved when your Organization is secure with the visitor management system


Upgrading visitor management systems heading into the next decade. With a digital visitor management system, revolutionizes your reception. More than just a visitor management system, with detailed reporting, custom workflows, and deep integrations for your organization’s visitors.