Black marks or dark spots appear on the back of hands, the upper part of feet, face, shoulders and upper back also. They are commonly known as hyperpigmentation marks, liver spots, solar lentigines, melasma, and chloasma. They can occur at any age but usually seen in middle-aged people. They are commonly seen in people who are exposed to sun rays for a longer time. The harmful ultraviolet rays are the cause of Black marks. These are the aggregation or clumping of melanin pigment on the skin. They are not harmful but sometimes they are cancerous. They can be lightened by using Blackmark remove cream that is very effective and should be used regularly.

      Many skin conditions give rise to Black marks. They cannot be related to the age factor every time.

      1. Lines nigris- this is seen as a black line that runs vertically in the abdominal region at the time of pregnancy.

      2. Erythrosine hyperpigmentation- this is a skin condition when the skin gets discoloured due to lesions caused by inflammatory acne on the face.

      3. Melanoma- this skin condition is seen as Black marks during pregnancy.

      4. Chloasma- these marks are seen on the face and neck due to hormonal changes.

      5. Erythromelanosis follicularis- reddish-brown patches are seen on the face and neck.

      6. Riehl’s melanosis- this is related to skin dermatitis that results in reddish-brown patches on the neck and shoulder.

      7. Poikiloderma Chevette- in this type of skin condition there is the appearance of dark-coloured patches on exposed parts of the skin

      8. Medications- taking medicines frequently may make your skin sensitive to ultraviolet rays of the sun.

   Symptoms of Black marks – these marks may appear as small freckles that are one inch long and after some time, they aggregate or clump together to form patches on the skin

   Treatment- the black marks are harmless but sometimes they are the source of embarrassment and could be lightened by medications, treatments, using no scar cream and home remedies.

   There are few basic tips to be followed by the people to avoid the formation of these Black marks on face.

   Use of sunscreen- the harmful ultraviolet rays tends to create on the skin. Sometimes these artificial ultraviolet rays seen on tanning beds also create these on the skin. If you use sunscreen you can prevent the formation of black marks. The sunscreen should be applied ten to fifteen minutes before you move out in the sun. The sun protection formula 15 is best and ideal for every skin type. The people who constantly work under the sun and perspire a lot should apply sunscreen every two hours. There are many no scar sunscreens available in the market to prevent black marks on the face

    Coverage- people who move under the direct rays of the sun are in constant danger of having the black marks on face. The harmful ultraviolet rays cause the excess formation of the skin pigment melanin. You should cover your exposed body parts with the well-knitted cloth that prevents the harmful rays of the sun to penetrate the skin. You can wear felt hats to cover the head and nowadays gloves are available that cover the hands.