Window Curtain

You know that a range of curtain fabrics in different colours and prints can be found on the market if you have ever been for shopping for Window Curtain. In a functional and esthetic sense, each type of curtain serves different purposes. Curtains cover the windows more than clearly. These are an expression of interior design that can describe a room’s mood or attitude.

The lining offers practical advantages for your costs in the case of curtains in Dubai. It also gives your curtains fullness that allows them to hang more beautifully. Your Dubai curtains can last much longer with this additional protective layer. You won’t have to deal with fading colours, and you can keep your look close and clean as the lining can protect you against straight lights and dust.

Why anyone needs Curtains for window treatment

Curtains aren’t just clothes to keep the sun away and give you protection. Window Curtains can become a simple style statement, which changes the look and feel of any room using the timeless designs and extensive materials of RC Window Curtain. The range online is bound to have something for any occasion or season and design of interior decorations from sheer ribbons and net curtains to darkening space and blackout curtains. Do you not want to go to a physical shop? Please browse our website and buy online curtains at great prices!

So what are the different curtain fabrics on the market? In this blog let’s know more–

Bonded interlining curtains 

That is because you pack the standard lining with polyester and curtain fleece for your Dubai curtains. It has a thicker look for your Dubai curtains and is very energy efficient by retaining warmth in the winter months. In addition to its features of temperature control, it offers the regular polyester and cotton shelves with elegance and width. That makes them more comfortable, particularly if you want larger windows with lighter textiles.

Silk Window lining Curtains

Silk Curtains are thicker than any other fabric of curtains. You touch and dress smoothly. They are suitable for formal rooms such as a dining room, living room, or a home bookshop. However, it may be time-consuming for silk curtains to be kept dry.

 Silk curtains are also susceptible to sun damage, so rooms with lots of light are not recommended. Faux silk curtains can also be more long-lasting and more comfortable to maintain than real ones. This fabric will give your rooms a luxurious look, whether it’s real or faux silk.

 Faux silk curtains are more comfortable to wash and long-lasting, whether it is a copy of the real deal.

Standard Polycotton Lining curtains

The best blend of polyester and cotton is this sort of lining. Thanks to its quality, the material also provides the best of the fibres. Cotton is the most heat-resistant of all human-made threads. The direct sunlight will harm the structure of your Dubai curtains. That is crucial. As one of the naturally occurring components, a lot of air will quickly go through. That is why during the summer we wear pants and light cotton t-shirts, which allow you to stay calm.

Dubai ruts are made entirely from cotton, and they do not let in the scent when you cook at home. They are perfect for the hot summer months. This material can, however, be rubbed and diminished in the wash.

Blackout lining curtains

Blackout curtains Dubai; if you want to take a nap in the afternoon, it is best to avoid sunlight. It is an additional layer of coating used in most rooms for children or home movies. The blackout lining is a thicker material, which also provides thermal insulation and lowers street noise. Blackout lining helps you to monitor the maximum amount of light that you want in the rooms. If your children go to sleep during the day, they will not be bothered by cars or speakers out. In addition to providing complete privacy, it can also save you money on Dewa bills during the summer. The most effective for preventing excess sunlight from destroying or rotting your indoor furnishings and tapestries is this lining of Dubai curtains.

Thermal Window Curtains

Thermal curtains are an excellent choice for houses in cold countries. It consists of thicker textiles such as cotton and woollen bindings. Thermal drapes are practical winter house curtains that offer extra security in cold weather.

Linen Window Curtains

Linen is a lightweight material that is suitable for casual dining or modern living rooms. The cloth is well wrapped, and as the content is too thin, the sun will fall without significant restrictions in your places.


So, what’s your favourite option for your home window curtain? Please take a look at our extensive range of curtain fabrics and select the best today for your home.