nature painting

When it comes to investing in nature painting, the small saver is immediately frightened, he will be intimidated and will not even consider thinking that it takes millions of dollars to buy a canvas, instead if you know the Artists to Invest in, you will find that even with a few hundred dollars or thousands of dollars, you can take home a picture of contemporary painting that in a short time could double its value, so let’s talk about why should you invest in nature painting, if done wisely, a way to earn money but first of all, it must be one’s passion.  

Why invest in nature painting?

Investing in nature painting is not in fact like investing in stocks or bonds; once you buy art, you do it for love, because you like it. There may be several reasons that lead us to approach nature painting, in the general sense of its term. 

For example, the passion for exhibitions, art collections, the temporal evolution of the artistic sense and cultural interest etc. 

Art, in the general sense of the term, can become a potent investment tool. For example, a collector of paintings may decide to sell some of his works of art, to profit from the proceeds linked to the appreciation of an artist’s actions on the market. 

Indeed, when we talk about this type of investment, a typical small saver, even if on average wealthy, is unthinkable that you buy a picture of a famous painter such as a classic such as Caravaggio, a Monet or a Picasso, every period of which will have artists on which invest and that they can be affordable.  

Investing in painting in 2020

Investing in painting in 2020

The year that has just begun reveals signs of an economic crisis that is not fully dormant, indeed on the global level there is a fear of a possible recession, or in any case of a more difficult period, economically, than the year just ended.

The economic scenario, combined with the current historical one, requires reflections on human sensitivity, on the concept of humanism, human selfishness, populism and much more. It’s not the appropriate place for these digressions, but it is evident that the factors just mentioned affecting the world of art, as well as the sensitivity of an artist.

The historical evolution, over the decades, and human thought, have influenced the artistic value, the works of art, the styles, the expressive forms and the artists to invest in.

With his work, an author or artist expresses his surroundings: values, needs, social emotion.

If we consider the musical panorama and evolution over the decades, we realize how musical art reflects social unease or malaise, as well as social needs and expectations.  

Art is an instrument of energy, revenge, a means of communication within the general uncertain economic landscape.

At the level of artistic investments, the last two decades have seen significant growth in commercial operations, as well.

Art has become similar to a financial product, on which we focus to earn, or even, similarly to gold, a safe-haven asset over time.

An evolution of thought has created, where art can validly replace a financial product, even if we must consider how the art market is a market with a lot of potentials, but also still not very liquid and too a little risky.