For the economy of any country, global trading matters a lot. In the context of the trading at the international level, one can know the growth rate of the country as well as its economy. If we talk about one of the leading powerhouses of the world that is known as Russia we need to check its data for international trade with the help of which it can be possible to have a look at its growth and the overall economy. This country has trade relations with various countries across the globe from which it gets some raw products and after processing the same for the concerned product it sells the same to the other countries. As per the great export import data of this country it is visible that it offers a significant contribution to its GDP. 

The role of import-export: 

In the economy of a nation, the role of this segment is a huge one. If one wants to know the balance of payment situation in terms of economics it is better to know the import and export of the concerned country first. To understand this segment one needs to it from the import-export data provider who checks various data as per different platforms and help one know the true picture of the country. 


Russia has trade relations with many countries which include China, India, Taiwan, Germany, Ukraine, Poland and the USA as well as Spain. The main items imported by this country from all these trade partners include steel products in raw as well as semi-finished goods. It also includes metal wires, roll sheets and strips. 


If the exports of Russia are seen they include various trade partners such as Lithuania, Italy, Germany, Poland and Ajarbaizan as well as Belgium. The main items which are exported to these countries include finished products of steel including wires, strips and sheets. However, these products are processed at various centres of the country and sent to these trading nations. 

The mode of transportation: 

If we look at the figures of the trades we can know that most of the imports and exports are done via sea route as it proves more cost-effective to the traders compared to the air route. However, it does not mean that this route is the only probability as in many cases the air route can also be a good option but due to the cost involved it is not used that much. There are also various trading associations which play the role of a platform to make the importers and exporters have a smooth deal. With the help of the government and major trading unions the import and export of this country touch new height in past some years after the black period of political instability. However, this country has a lot of things to offer the rest of the world and that is why its contribution plays a major role in the international trades also.