Extended warranties

Extended warranties have become the norm for many distributors and retailers by providing extended coverage to your costly electronic devices. Extended warranties are an add-on for the thrifty consumers, who plan to buy big electronic products and appliances.

Extended warranties serve additional protection for the consumers over the standard manufacturer’s warranty. This kind of warranty is generally pitched to customers by the sales-man while buying the new products.

Let’s look into some of the benefits of an extended warranty

  • Extended warranty is an add-on 

Generally, electronic devices have a standard warranty of at least 1 year. The extended warranty assures your product in the long run. This warranty really proves beneficial when you tend to buy expensive accessories.

Given the total costs of a monthly premium plan and premiums to cover missing or damaged computer devices, consumer advocates suggest it would be safer for consumers to transfer that money into a new model when an older computer fails. It also helps cover the expense of a new phone by selling a damaged phone to a repair company.

 The Microsoft surface warranty is an example of an extended warranty that provides 24 x 7 technical support to your tablet for any kind of damages. 

  • Door-step services for major appliances

 Most of the time you aren’t able to move down your appliances to the designated services centres electronic devices. For eg, you have a breakdown of your refrigerator and you need to fix it soon. How can you overcome such situations?

This problem can be fixed when you have a proper extended warranty refrigerator plan. Many big companies like LG, Samsung, etc provide a door-step repair plan. The field technician would visit your home at the time of breakdown and would fix the problem.

  • Services on click of a button

 Various insurance companies provide immediate solutions on a click of a button. Different insurance companies provide various applications. You just need to register yourself on these apps and get the technician at your door-step.

Some insurance companies also provide 24*7 technical support. They also provide cashless facilities.

  • Replacement options are also available 

Some insurance companies provide a replacement option in the extended warranty. You can replace your smartphone, laptop or tablet if you have availed the extended warranty. Thus while choosing the extended warranty plan, be mindful of this service.

The replacement policy is also available for big electronic products like Tv, freezers, AC, etc. Extended warranties promise to replace the items that are broken down due to manufacturer defects.

  • Types of extended warranty

There are generally two types of extended warranties, one which is provided by the manufacturer and the other one is the third party warranty. Both are beneficiary from the customer point of view, but there are few limitations and conditions in manufacturer warranty.

The manufacturer warranty generally does not cover accidental damage or loss. The third-party warranties thus provide additional features to the consumers. Generally, third party warranty covers accidental damage or loss, theft protection, data protection, etc.

  • Repairs are much cheaper if you an extended warranty

 Suppose you purchased a smartphone that had a standard manufacturer’s warranty of  1 year and the cellphone worked smoothly for a year and suddenly it broke down after a year. Thus there would be no other option than dumping your smartphone and buying a new one. But if your smartphone had an extended warranty it would be easy to replace the broken one and replace it with the new one.

Extended warranties reduce the cost of repair bills as well. These warranties reduce the process of service appointments as well.

  • Extended warranties provide customer satisfaction as well

 The most important feature of an extended warranty is customer satisfaction. Customers tend to spend extra money for running their devices for prolonged periods of time and with ease. Extended warranties provide customer satisfaction with ease of mind.

These warranties provide services like easy assistance, quick replacement, etc. Thus customers are always attracted to such kind of extended warranties.

  • Extended warranty works as insurance to our device

As human beings are insured with the various insurance same goes for the devices. Extended warranties provide an add-on beneficiary to your product for its long run. Thus instead of spending your money on the maintenance cost, you can avail the extended warranty