the field of Big data in India

Unlocking the value of data is extremely important to organizations today and as quintillion bytes of data is being generated every day, Big data is playing a pivotal role in major economies around the world. It is being prioritized by both the private and the government sector as without Big data it is impossible to dig valuable insights out of humongous data sets good big data training institutes in Bangalore. As a result, Big data has emerged as a great career option for talented and skilled individuals around the world. 

Big data is playing a crucial role in India
India is no stranger to the Big data revolution and as a matter of fact, is one of the major producers of Big data in the world!

  • Having realized the potential of data, the government of India is putting much emphasis on the digital transformation of the country and is constantly promoting adaptation of data-based technologies like data science, data analytics and Big data. Big data techniques are also being utilized by the government for important projects like the ‘Project Insight’ which is designed for flagging tax evaders!
  • A major population of the country is using digital platforms and India’s digital economy is continuously growing as India offers one of the largest markets in the world. This is why major companies from all around the globe are investing in Big data technologies in India. NASSCOM estimates that the global Big data sector expected to grow at a CAGR of 26% and reach 16billion USD by 2025 and India will account for 32% of that!
  • IoT is continuously growing in India and mobile data is growing along with it (by 26% each year according to Ericsson Mobility report 2018). As a result, major firms are investing in the adaptation of Big data techniques in order to dig hidden patterns out of the humongous data sets which are being generated. Experts suggest that not only big firms but also small start-ups will hugely benefit from implementing strategies based on Big data in India!

A Big data career in India?

A smart career move in India right now would be to opt for Big data. There are many good big data training institutes in Bangalore and other Indian cities from where you can acquire all the necessary skills to find success in the field. 

Perks of a big data career in India include:

  • Lucrative salary packages
  • Freedom to work in the field of your choice as Big data is being implemented in almost all the industrial sectors
  • Stable and secure jobs
  • Great employment opportunities as maximum big data positions have no takers owing to a lack of skilled professionals.

Thus, you should definitely consider joining in big data training institutes in Bangalore, Delhi or Pune!