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Most of us share a love-hate relationship with our offices. While we earn and make some great memories there, offices are also the place that drains out our energy and often takes a toll on our mental health. We all need a break, a happy little something amidst our deadlines, piled up files and presentations Sending Flowers. That’s when flowers come to the rescue. Who wouldn’t like to receiver a colourful fragrant bouquet or birthday cakes at their workplace?

Office flowers are not just meant for special occasions like birthdays and promotions. You can send them to anyone as a reminder of how much they mean to you. Send Mother’s Day flowers to your mom’s office and surprise her. Make your partner happy by a bunch of blossoms telling them you are thinking of them. Flowers can be sent to anyone irrespective of their gender or job profile. However, you need to be cautious while sending flowers to a colleague. While it is perfectly alright to send flowers at any time to your family or friends, you must send flowers to your co-worker only when there is a specific event such as a wedding anniversary, birth of a baby, and so on. This would not only save you from giving a wrong idea to the recipient but also prevent you from becoming a topic of gossip. Here are some points to remember while sending flowers to a co-worker at your workplace:

  • The Size
    While sending flowers at the office, keep the bouquet size in your mind. Your colleague must be working from a compact cubicle equipped with just a laptop. Obviously, there would not be space for keeping a gigantic bouquet. Also, you don’t want to embarrass them with a king-size, over-the-top floral arrangement. Pick a decent size that would look elegant on their desk and would not call for unwanted attention.
  • The Fragrance
    While picking flowers for your colleague, you need to be very careful with the scents. While everyone loves to look at flowers, not everyone is tolerant of powerful smells. Even if the recipient loves strong fragrances, you need to think about their co-workers sitting close to her. You sure don’t want to anger them with the powerful scent emitting from the bouquet. Don’t go for stargazer lilies or orchids as they are among the strongly-scented flowers. You can even go for an online bouquet delivery since they offer a huge variety of flowers in all sizes and scents.
  • The Color
    Colours play a significant role in picking flowers for someone. Every shade symbolizes a different emotion and meaning. Send red flowers only if the receiver is your partner. Sending red flowers, especially roses to a colleague is a big no. As they represent romance, these flowers might convey a wrong message and raise eyebrows at the office. Yellow and white roses are the safest options. While the yellow ones symbolize good health and friendship, white roses represent new life and hence, make for the perfect new baby bouquet. Also, keep in mind the life-span of the flowers you are about to send. Don’t go for the short-lived blossoms that die within 2-3 days. Flowers like carnations, roses, and alstroemerias last for days and even weeks if they are properly taken care of.
  • Extra Tips
    While sending flowers, you need to be sure of giving out the right information to the flower delivery company or florist. Go for reliable and good-reviewed service. You can look-up online for the best online flower delivery in Ludhiana or your city for this. Here are a few things you must note before sending the flowers:
  1. The full name as well as the address of the recipient. Don’t forget to mention the department, floor number as well as the details of their cubicle, if possible.
  2. A reachable contact number of the recipient
  3. The time of availability of the recipient as well as the office’s business hours.

Now that you have all the handy tips and things to remember, what are you waiting for? Just go to a well-known flower delivery site like Bloomsvilla, choose from an array of flowers and send them to your friends, family, and colleagues at the office.