Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is the day of love for the love birds. There can’t be a better occasion in the year when a lover can express how much he or she is in love. A happy couple always does things together. Apart from your surprise gifts for each other with flowers, teddy bears, chocolates, and all, do something unique and special together so that you make each and every moment of the day an unforgettable one. Anything we do for the “first time”, is saved in our memories as the most memorable moment for a lifetime. If it is your first ever Valentine’s Day with your lover, make it the best one so that you cherish it together for the rest of your Valentine moments. Following are some of the ideas which can help you celebrate your first “Day-of –Love” in the perfect way:

  • Take a break from everything else and give each other the most precious gift of- “Time”

No matter what your beau asks you to do when you both are together on this day, you give yourself to her, and there is nothing like it. You both can plan a trip together to the nearest visiting place. A night in a hotel which starts with a romantic dinner and ends with a cuddly breakfast can be one way to celebrate the day in a wonderful way. If you don’t want to go outside, then stay at one of your places and prepare a meal together or watch a movie. Because sometimes, doing nothing gives us the quality time to understand each other the best. You can go out to your favourite mall to shop for each other and have dined out at a roof-top restaurant. 

  • Make a collage of your memories

Pick out all the crazy pictures of both of you from the phones and laptops. Make a series of memories starting from the first date to the day before and make a collage Valentine’s Day. You can label the pictures and make a scrapbook of your relationship. There are many other DIY ideas to use the pictures in different ways which will give you both the time to realise how lovely moments you have spent together. You can take help from MyFlowerApp.Com to get photo personalized coffee mugs, cushions, lamps and many more. 

  • Recreate your first date

Remember how you both met for the first time? It always brings you a coy smile on your face when you think about it, right? Why don’t you act like strangers and meet again for the first time? Ask out your lover like you had done for the first time and see how it goes. You can even wear the same clothes, go to the same restaurant, and do all the things you had done that day. In this way, you can also surprise each other with online flowers and cakes like you did for the first time. 

  • Start some constructive activities together

As said earlier, happy couples do things together. Even if it’s a determination to work out, or start dieting, and learn guitar, do it together on this day. You can go to Yoga class, take a pottery lesson, and learn a new language together. 

  • Explore your own city together

You must have visited many places around you in the city, but try exploring new places this time. Get your backpacks packed and start playing tourist in your own city. It will be too much fun to see new places, meet new people, taste the street foods together, and take rest under a tree at a corner of the city.