Group Of Friends Enjoying Outdoor Evening Drinks Party

You have finally moved into your dream home / loft / studio / apartment, but what good is it if no one sees it? You would want to throw a nice housewarming party that will show off your new domicile to your family members, new neighbors and old friends housewarming return gifts . But it is easy to mess up while holding such an event. Here are 13 tips that will help you to host a housewarming party that you will remember forever. 

  1. Wait a little

Moving in can be stressful with all the loading and unloading, arrangement and keeping the right things in the right places. It might be tempting for you to invite the entire gang over to your place immediately, but it is better that you wait until you get your home in proper shape – with most of the boxes unpacked, furniture in place etc. 

  1. Have a plan 

Choose the time of party and theme beforehand. Will the event be held during the daytime or at night? Will it be a small or an elaborate event? In case you are more ambitious, you would probably like to have a theme party. The scope and size of the party will decide how much before time you should inform guests about the same. 

  1. Email invitations

You can do this a few days or even a few weeks before time. There is no need for you to create fancy invites. You can email instead, to save on paper and costs, and make it easy and quick. You may even send Whatsapp or Instant Messenger invites which would surely be seen by everyone. Request guests to RSVP so as to be able to plan the refreshments. 

  1. Prepare the bathroom 

Try to stock up on extra towels, hand soap, air freshener, toilet paper etc, and make them accessible easily – so that they can be found easily by others when needed. Your bathroom will be used more during the party, and you have to be ready for it. 

  1. Be creative with your seating arrangement 

Allow guests lots of space to sit. Put the entry hall bench or dining chairs into the primary entertainment space or place some cushions over the floor. If you have unpacked boxes, cover them in nice fabric and use them as seats. 

  1. Have the place smelling nice

You can make guests feel at home with an inviting scent. Light a few softly scented candles or try to boil a few cinnamon sticks over the stove, which can give the place a warmer feel. However, you should avoid going overboard as too strong smell might repel some guests. 

  1. Have some fantastic music

Put a killer playlist together, so that your party ambience gets electrified. Curate a perfect playlist while there is still time, or stream them from Spotify or iTunes. 

  1. Get into the party mood

Have some of your own favorite tracks right at the top of your playlist, to get into the party mood before the arrival of the guests. 

  1. Have some fun games 

You can make up a trivia game that centers on your new home, the history of your habitat or your town. Try to group guests into teams, and have treats for the teams that win. 

  1. Put delicates and valuables away 

If you wish to have a memorable party, keep delicate objects and valuable stuffs – such as the antique vase or expensive lampshade – away from sight. The longer the party goes, the likelier it is that something bad will happen to the stuffs that you love. 

  1. Place refreshments strategically

It is a good idea to keep food and drinks at the best spots of your home, to show off to best effect. Place them strategically on the new marble countertop of your kitchen or have a drink station before the window, if it offers a killer view. 

  1. Set times for group tours

You can skip giving every guest a separate tour, and save time by giving everyone a tour of your home at once. In case you will throw a dinner, plan the tour straight before the dessert.

  1. Write thank-you notes or emails / give return gifts 

It will make the event more memorable for your guests, and also fill you up with a heartwarming feel. You can make the event more special by giving housewarming return gifts on their way back from your home. There are inexpensive gifts such as jute bags, coffee mugs and the like.