Bitcoin Wallets

If you are equipped with the best Bitcoin wallet software, then it becomes easy for you to invest in Bitcoin. Many people across the globe much regard this digital currency. These are used for trading and investment. But you need to be well-versed with the knowledge of Bitcoin wallets to proceed with your digital trading activities. Today, in this blog, you will be introduced with some best Bitcoin wallets for those having devices with Android feature. It will enable you to carry your virtual currencies wherever you wish to travel. So let’s start exploring the best Bitcoin wallets for Android.

Not only Bitcoin, but there are other virtual currencies, which you can hold for exchange with coins. Coinomi is one such multi-wallet, where exchanging of currencies can be done. If you want to have multiple Bitcoins, it is important to have a wallet with provided security features. Contrary to it, if a person has lesser Bitcoins, then it is better to opt for a Bitcoin wallet. These Bitcoin wallets which are being introduced in the list are very easily accessible. So let us delve into to know about the bitcoin wallet reviews for Android from the below options. 

GreenBits Bitcoin Wallet

GreenBits is an open-source secured crypto wallet. Apart from it, if you have a device which runs through Google browser, then it becomes effortless to handle one’s BTC through GreenAddress Chrome extension. There is no need to wait for blockchain confirmation for sending BTC if GreenBits Wallet service gets accepted by an individual or a firm. Payments here are made instantly in comparison to the blockchain, which takes time. The best thing about GreenBits wallet is that it keeps cheaters at bay and also prevents double spending of coins. 

MyCelium Bitcoin Wallet

Coming on to another option in the list of Bitcoin wallets for Android is Mycelium. Awarded with best Mobile App, it has maximum positive reviews, which can be found on Google Play. Being a completely open-source, this wallet can quickly point out bugs in the software. Other than this, it also benefits in preventing BTC theft. Mycelium is also perfect in its interface, featuring buttons for sending and receiving of BTC and for scanning in QR codes. It contains an address book, where payments can be made.

Electrum Bitcoin Wallet

Like Mycelium, Electrum is also counted as the best Bitcoin wallets for Android. It has gained much liking for Bitcoins storage. Thanks to the Android app, which supports it. When the downloading is complete, the wallet during its generating stage, asks for 12 words which are supposed to be written by you. In case, your Android device faces any technical glitch; then this seed can be well used for storing back your wallet and BTC too. In Electrum, there is no locking issue of your private key. This becomes easy in transferring the BTC to another wallet.  

Security is the utmost priority for the Electrum Bitcoin wallet for Android. A six-digit PIN is mandatory to create for payment confirmation. It is featured with its QR scanner, where send payments and wallet addresses are captured very easily. All it needs is just tapping the receive section to get BTC. So this can also be considered to be the best Bitcoin wallets for Android.

Bitcoin Wallet

In comparison to other wallets, there is no need to mention the seed or even PIN. After the immediate installation, Bitcoin wallet can be used.


You can prefer these Bitcoin wallets for Android. Ever since Bitcoin became a much popular cryptocurrency, people from all over the world have become curious to know all about it. For a newbie, it is essential to gather knowledge about Bitcoin and the Bitcoin wallets for trading. Wallets are somewhat like physical wallets which we use for buying and selling but in digital form. The Bitcoin wallets that are mentioned above are special in their feature. It all depends on your choice, to whom to choose for your Android supported device or mobile. Choose any of them, and it will give you the desired result.