In all over the World, India is one of the most beautiful places considering country. Here we can see so many local Villages with a unique tradition and daily rituals. Some of the villages are so popular that where so many tourists showing their interest to visit these villages with so many good vibes. In north India, we have some popular villages listed below:

1. Diskit village, Ladakh

Diskit is one of the most beautiful places in North India. It is located in the region of Ladakh whereas Ladakh, the word itself means land of highways. This Diskit village is always encircled by the beauty of nature and a lot of thrill. The visitors always enjoy travelling to this place. In the 14th century, Diskit monastery where built which are also called as to own houses. And this village is surrounded by mountains which provides beautiful scenery.

2. Ziro Valley, Arunachal Pradesh

Ziro valley is the self-efficacy, polite and ideal set of the village in Arunachal Pradesh hills which are hidden. This village is unconventional, in other words, are irregular tourists place in north India. This village is filled with its pleasant beauty such as mountains like snow-later, lush pine forest and some foreign creatures which are very rare that you have ever seen. And the tourists will surely enjoy the music of zero festival which satisfy the inner soul.

3. Idduki village, Kerala

Idduki village located in Kerala that also at the highest point of western ghats. This village is the combination of calmness with the exciting beauty of hill areas. The idduki village possesses a lot of natural beauty such as waterfalls in forests, lakes, Junger frails etc. Tourists may also visit idduki arch dam. Here, this village also has one speciality that one you have done by travelling the village, you can relax by having the tasty meal prepared by local people of idduki.

4. Malana, Himachal Pradesh

Malana is the most wonderful place in Himachal Pradesh which melts the heart of every nature lover. The villagers are very protective over their traditions that they follow their traditions very strictly. Malana is said to be the most curious village in Himachal Pradesh. This village has its uniqueness. That is why it is said to be the home of a unique group who are direct successors of Alexander’s army. This village offers many long walk spots like the rashol pass, Chandrakhani pass, jar falls etc.

5. Khimsar, Rajasthan

Khimsar is an attractive and brief village which located in Rajasthan. This village survives from the past that is from ancient days that is why it is said to the antique village in Rajasthan. These Villages is surrounded by the desert which possesses more beauty and attractive feature to the village. And also, adventure devotees will always desire the village. It is because the village offers them a chance to camp out in the dunes.

6. Yana, Karnataka

Yana is a small town which is located in Karnataka. This village is almost hidden away in the deepest and darkest forests of Karnataka. It is covered by the Sahyadri mountains which gives an attractive and most beautiful scene. And the most abnormal characteristic of the yana town is the black crystalline rocks that are transparent or obvious to a shiva lingam which has confused many scientists as well as logical thinkers. Usually, nature lovers and rock gathers travel this place.

7. Almora, Uttarakhand

Almora is most different in other words most abnormal village situated in Uttarakhand that you will ever be seen. It appears like any other regular village from outside but it consists of all desirable facilities of an urban city. This village also provides a complete scenery of the Himalayan range that will build up your peaceful evenings. And the village has several lodges that give you full of village experience without spending your money more.

8. Landour, Uttarakhand

Landour is a charming and little town located in Uttarakhand. And it is also the home to Ruskin bond, who is a famous author. This town also has a few popular tramping ways that will make you travel through the beautiful valleys of Uttarakhand. This town is also blessed with satisfying, enjoyable climate throughout the year. This town also has some British period churches such as st.paul, Kellogs church and the Methodist church that tourists must visit.

9. Gokarna village, Karnataka

Gokarna is a coastal town situated in Karnataka and it is nearer to the Goa state. This village also has a cultural and traditional past. Gokarna village possess a very peaceful and calm atmosphere which gives very positive vibes to the tourists. And it is also a talk that one of lord shiva lingam is situated in this village. This village seems to be like a combination of both pilgrims as well as visitors. Who enjoy those vibes very peacefully.

10. Poovar, Kerala

Poovar is a small town or village located in Kerala state. The speciality of this village is that it hasn’t been contaminated or polluted by quick urbanization. It is located at just 30 kilometres from Thiruvananthapuram. Even though, many people don’t know about this small town. This village is always fulfilled with calm and peaceful places to mesmerize one’s mood. The Bhadra kali temple is also located very close to this village which is very famous and to which most of the religious people visit.