Call centre functions are famous to be monotonous, which is why it requires training and determination to retain as a call centre agent. The UK call centre talks about the significance of a healthy work environment for employees to avoid rising staff attrition in BPOs. They also highlight the need for BPOs to have a friendly work environment irrespective of being famous for repetitions job functions.

Call centres today understand that answering repetitive calls and handling hard customers monotonously is not easy. This is the reason companies today stress over introducing new techniques to help agents avoid stress.

Researching on different methods, we came across some games that can liven up your call centre functions. Games can easily reduce stress, thus BPOs need to organize games weekly to avoid repetitive tasks.

Reducing stress at work is essential for every company so that the employees can enjoy and happily put in more efforts for better productivity. Fun activities help to reduce workload and make the mind stress free giving space for new ideas.

Here we team up some popular games that are best to liven up your call centre environment, check out:

Postcode BINGO

This game is interesting and easy to play. It is all about giving players BINGO cards, which carries postcodes in the place of numbers. Then players are asked to cut off the postcodes as another person speaks out the code of a particular area where they live.

You can also organize gifts for the winners and boost the employees’ morale to avoid them feeling pressurized the whole day.

Several companies that organized games weekly said that they felt a change in their staff’s working capabilities. They also feel that organizing gaming sessions; they now have a much happier workforce.

Well, obviously, who does not like working amid a hassle-free environment!

Customer Experience Game

This game is all about understanding the interaction between the customer and the business agent.

Under the game, the player is given a sheet with the list of things that helps to earn customer satisfaction. The player is then asked to tick the particular box as they attend a call and tell the business the pointers that add value to the customers.

All-day the players can tick the options, as they feel significant and these value-adding sheets can be evaluated weekly.  The players can also get to exchange their sheets with partners to understand what others feel.

This is not only interesting but also informative to understand customer experiences amazingly.

Customer Complimenting Game

This one is the most enthusiastic one!

Under the customer compliment game, you can boost your staff’s morale by providing gifts for agents who get compliments from a customer.

Yes, it is a good way to praise the agents’ work. 

Imagine awarding the staff with a box of chocolates every time she/he receives a compliment from the customer. Doing so, you boost your agent’s morale and initiate them to perform better.

Not providing any incentive or gifts, the agents might lack the zeal to perform better. This is why the ‘customer compliment’ game is exceptional.

Bookings Ball

This game is the modern version of the famous passing the parcel game.

In the game, bring a ball or something, which can be passed easily. The ball can rotate from one agent to another, meanwhile the players are asked to secure a call as they rotate the ball.

So eventually, the last person who makes a sale is the one holding the ball. The game becomes interesting when you distribute prizes to the people who made the most sale, boosting morale.

The game can enthusiastically bring the team together and boost them to get more sales for the company. This reduces the monotonous feel and helps the employees enjoy their job.

UK call centre say that when they started giving out prizes and conducting games, they saw better results in business productivity. Thus, companies today are advised to conduct gaming sessions to keep the team communicated and coordinated well.

Baseball Quality Scores

This game is all about helping the team in improving the performance using an enthusiastic way.


Well, in this game, you can run a baseball session for the agents where the agents are asked to gain runs depending on their quality scores in-house. Lastly, the one who gains the best quality score is awarded!

What else does an agent want?

It is all about making the monotonous tasks simpler rather than making is hassling and dull for the employees, compelling them to leave the work.

The high rising attrition rates in call centres have raised an alarm asking companies to simplify their work tasks. The more interactive and enthusiastic a business makes its operations is the better it can upgrade the productivity.

Thanks for reading!