Fitness Theme

The best way to market a fitness centre online is via having a fully functional, informative and attractive blog or website. All the credit for such a platform goes to WordPress. They have tapped into diverse domains and worked extensively to create a variety of features that suit the functionality of every industry. It does not matter if you originally made your website via the use of HTML code as HTML to WordPress website conversion is another benefit that WordPress comes with. The hundreds of widgets let you create payment portals, attendance platforms and upload audio/video for making your website rich invaluable content. 

Keep reading to gather some knowledge about the 9 best gym website themes that WordPress has to offer – 

  1. In Shape – This theme comes under Themefuse’s work in the WordPress domain. Be it personalized or group training sessions, you can offer live classes on the website with the usage of this theme. There are specialized sections for adding workout modules and fitness photographs of proven results.
  1. Game Plan – This theme focusses on fitness events and workshops. Along with the integration of the Event Calendar Pro Plugin, one can easily publish vital information and sell passes without the need of 3rd party sellers on other domains. The design under the Game Plan theme is apt for boxing events, MMA circuit releases, and professional martial arts competitions.
  1. Powerlift Fitness theme – SEO optimization and high search rankings is a gift that comes with this all-out customizable theme. There is an in-built BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator that can be used along with full control of fitness plans and gym schedules. Website designers have an option to choose from several homepage templates via their highly responsive and functional admin interface.
  1. Beauty Wellness – Elegance was a top priority while creating this fitness-based theme. The animation effects add an aura of beauty in combination with a focus on fitness. Be it trainers, students, schedules or locations – everything will look 5x more presentable than ordinary wellness-focused websites. Make use of the Visual Composer to alter fonts, layouts of widgets, footers and website background.
  1. Fitness Zone – If you run a full-fledged fitness business with multiple gyms, programs, online and private training, fitness consultancy and a range of highly established trainers then you must consider migrating your existing website to WordPress theme. You get to choose from 5 unique homepage variations and a dozen colour schemes to start with. No need to write codes for colour-based discussion boards, trainer profiles and event registration forms as all this is provided in the form of additional features with this theme.
  1. Somnus – This is more suitable for modern-day yoga practice along with a combination of high-end fitness. White is the predominant colour of this theme and it assists in grabbing the attention of your viewers on information placed strategically in and around these white sections. Making use of the visual composer brings about added features such as modifying the inbuilt time table widget and customizing styled inner pages.
  1. GetFit – GetFit has been built with an intention to allow smartphone users an exceptional user experience. Via the Bootstrapping framework, this theme is highly responsive to touchscreen interfaces. Literally all the subtle features and elements that come with this theme can be modified for further ease-of-use and accessibility.
  1. Energy – This WordPress theme has been curated and built by WPZoom. Expect to work with a radiant theme that functions just fine for Pilate studios, recreation centres, and other health improvement facilities. Whether the website is being accessed on the smartphone or the laptop, all your clients will be thoroughly impressed with the relevant design and dozens of valuable features. The WPZoom framework allows website designers to tweak font sizes, types, colours and work with a range of headers and footers to figure out the most appealing clickbait for all viewers. 
  1. Gym Edge Fitness WordPress Powered Theme – There are at least 5 variations for all ages ranging from the about us section, classes section, pricing section, blog section, contact forms, and homepage section. The fact that the website owner can redirect users to different kinds of sports apparel and also make use of safe payment portals gives this theme an edge over its fellow competitors.

There are at least 200 additional themes over and above the ones mentioned above. The final choice of a website designer depends on their clientele, location wise target audience, what specific kind of fitness and whether it is an online, offline or a business that comprises both modes. If you are worried that migrating from HTML to WordPress can lead to a loss of all the time you spent in creating the perfect theme then that should be the least of your worries. This is because WordPress themes can be called upon even in such situations.