Appliance Repair Services

An appliance may shut off any moment when we least expect it. If it is a minor error, you can fix it even if you are not a trained mechanic. But if it appears that the appliance may need a detailed diagnosis before repairing it. 

You have to grab your phone and call the best service center that respects your time and money. They will send you a trained and efficient service person to diagnose and fix the error.

A sudden surge of electricity may cause your appliance to fail. This is the most common reason for which you may need an appliance repair technician. 

What are the appliance service repairs for which you can make a request online?

Washing machine, refrigerator, freezer, dishwashers, electric ranges, cooking ranges, cooktops, and vent hood, etc are the appliances that we can make an online request.

Common Repair Causes For Different Appliances:

In the case of a refrigerator:

  • Sometimes you might have banged the door because you were in a hurry, and it stopped closing completely.
  • The ice maker in the fridge doesn’t give you ice anymore as the water you filled in the ice maker remains just like that.
  • The whole appliance is hot inside.

In case of a freezer:

  • The temperature control system in the fridge stopped working.
  • The freezer makes an awful sound while running and you feel there is something wrong with the compressor or motor inside.

In the case of dishwashers:

  • Dishwasher takes a long time to finish the job.
  • There is water in the dishwasher.
  • The dishes which you kept inside of the dishwasher are still unclean.

In the case of cooking ranges:

  • The door of the oven needs cleaning.
  • The door is not opening in spite of all your efforts.
  • One of the burners on your cooking range doesn’t ignite at all.
  • Overheating of the oven.

Questions you should ask the technician before booking an appointment online:

1. Does the situation demand an appliance repair, and how much the repair will cost?

The repair technician intimates you that he is going to charge a very huge amount. You feel the cost is more than 50% of a new appliance, you can better discard the appliance. You can buy a new one to cook or wash clothes comfortably. The main reason why the cost shoots up is the exorbitant price of the spare parts. Before considering the cost of repair, you should include the price of the installation cost of the new appliance. If it is a way too high, you can book an appointment with the appliance service shop.

2. Is there any no DIY appliance repair?

It will be a bad decision to repair electrical appliances, including a cooking range, yourself. Water heaters, dryers, microwave ovens are very dangerous for a not so technically savvy person to fix an appliance error. How much ever careful you are, it is likely to release the gas if you don’t replace the parts after overhauling it. It may cause severe health issues or a sudden outbreak of fire that will consume your loved ones’ life.

3. What is the maximum life span of the electrical appliance?

We have to take into account the life span of the appliance. This will save some money you would otherwise waste in appliance repair unnecessarily. The average life span of a dishwasher is 9 years, a refrigerator is 13 years, electric range 13 years. Discard the appliance beyond this period. Usually, during the initial years, an appliance is not likely to fail unless it is a manufacturing defect. If your appliance is in the warranty period, call a technician to help you. If the appliance is relatively new, it repeatedly fails, increasing your repair bill, you should consider buying a new one.

4. Is there any way to stretch the life span of an appliance?

Yes, if you maintain the machine properly, you need not replace an appliance before the maximum life span of an appliance. For example, at least once, you should remove the air vent of your washing machine to conclude that the part is working properly. In such a case, you may not need an appliance repair service soon.

5. Can I change an appliance to complement the decor of my house?

Some people are so bent upon beautifying their house and opt for replacement. Reconsider your plan for replacement. But if you want uniformity in the appearance of your cooking room, you have to replace the microwave oven soon. Because the delay in decision making might be a waste idea as new designs hit the market now and then.


In short, you are the king when it comes to deciding to replace your electronic appliance. Never go for repairing your appliance if an appliance repair is going to force you to stretch your belt to meet the expenses.