The scientific name of the growth of the mammary gland in men is called gynecomastia. This problem can create physical and psychological problems because of the excessive size of the chest in men and the stress-producing by it. It is one of the problems that occur due to some hormonal conditions, also known as gynecomastia. In men, the general problem of this condition, which is described as the growing problem of breasts such as female breasts, is caused by hormones. In men, this breast enlargement is generally more common in adolescents because there is an abnormal hormonal balance problem in the body, which can cause disproportionate changes.

Gynecomastia is specificity in humans, which results in more or less developed breasts. This phenomenon tends to increase, influenced by our consumption patterns. Often a source of great complexity, these men are unaware of the solutions to remedy it. There are few therapeutic answers to overcome, and when gynecomastia is proven, the surgical act ultimately becomes the only voice.

The correction of gynecomastia

To remedy gynecomastia, the surgeon will remove excess mammary glands or excess fat. Surgery may even be associated with liposuction in cases where excessive development is due to both the gland and the presence of fat. Gynecomastia Surgery best doctors will be assigned for your surgery. So, there is no moment of being worried about the surgery. Gynecomastia has been accepted as a medical language because it causes psychological disorders, stressful life, and self-esteem problems. Therefore, men suffering from breast enlargement are treated with psychological counseling.

Side effects of hormone drugs include tumors of the various endocrine origin or testicular developmental disorders; other causes of this disease in general. According to the researches, it is reported that it is seen in 40% of adult males.

Breast Growth Disorder

Breast growth disorder can be unilateral or bilateral. It depends on what kind of hormone structure the individual has. In other words, the hormonal structure of the human body generally has an effect at normal levels and at equal values, but when secreted by the hormones, it acts at different levels. If this is the case, disproportionate growth occurs in one of the breasts, while the other may remain smaller.

In some cases, it is possible to treat gynecomastia medically by stabilizing hormones or through physical exercises to strengthen the pectorals and dislodge the fat that would tend to settle there. These alternatives are only effective at the very beginning of the swelling. In other words, if the man embarks on these less invasive treatments as soon as he feels a few breasts, they can give satisfactory results. When gynecomastia is installed, only surgery can radically remedy it.

The benefits of this intervention

From a physical point of view, gynecomastia surgery allows the patient to find the body of a man. It also affects the mind, because, without developed breasts, the man feels more male, more confident in his assets and seductions without complex. He feels more comfortable in his skin and becomes more sociable and comfortable in society.