All You Need To Know About The Cochlear Implant In India

As per the recent study, it was found that more than sixty million people suffer from hearing disability. However, it is not entirely evident as to which age group is most likely to suffer from hearing loss permanently. Still, according to a particular study, it is evident three to four out of a thousand children have permanent hearing loss. That sums up to forty per cent of the total population suffering from hearing impairment.

How Does Hearing Impairment Affect an Individual?

Hearing disability is something that cannot be visually or visibly identified. It is quite hard to distinguish if a person has partially or entirely lost the ability to hear unless one tries to communicate with them via speech and they reply to the conversation through hand gestures or take some time to understand the lip movements of the opposite person. While people with hearing impairment want to socialize and live a healthy life, there is always one part of society that will penalize them under the name of the disabled. 

Can Permanent Hearing Loss Be Treated?

Doctors in India are indeed adapting to new changes and trying to look at the bigger picture. Coming to treating hearing loss, many new treatments and the hearing aid is available in the market. Hearing Aid is one such device that came into the picture and turned out to be revolutionary for the deaf. The hearing aid is a device that receives the sound from the speaker and amplifies it for the listener to hear. But now as a hearing aid is still not approved of being completely capable, a Cochlear Implant in India came into existence.

What is a Cochlear Implant, and How Effective Is It?

Cochlear implant surgery is considered to be one of the most effective and successful operations that will allow the patient to hear with the help of prostheses. It is a surgical procedure that involves a neuroprosthetic implant. The process consists of a device implanted that issues sensorineural hearing impairment a sense of sound. These plants help in providing senses to the auditory nerve via electrical signals. 

More About Cochlear Implant Surgery in India

When it comes to investing in surgery like a Cochlear implant in India, people get paranoia about the aftermath after spending money for such operations. A Cochlear implant can cost about 4 lakh Indian Rupees to 10 Lakh Indian Rupees which on average can get quite expensive for middle-class families in India. For someone from a poor economic background, this sum of money can be humongous expenditure. Thankfully the government of India has taken the initiative of proper health care programs to help people in need of surgery. It might sound stressful for the individual and his or her family about going through surgery, but just with little time and patience, one can overcome hearing impairment and enjoy the sound of life.

Final Words:

To avail a permanent solution for your deafness, and that too at an economical price; plan your travel to India. Here, you can get complete assistance from medical tourism companies to get an effective treatment, and they will make your arrangements too.