Hidden spy app for android

In this stormy era of digital technology, our most personal thing is our mobile device. Most of us prefer to use the Android OS because of its user-friendly functions. Over time, we become much relying on our smartphone devices, which also has added to our worries. As kids found in watching pornography, bullying friends, being harassed or threatened by unknown. Likewise, workers found in doing useless activities on duty which effect on their efficiency level.

To reduce this stress, spy technology brought unbelievable solutions for us to avoid such harmful things. Spy apps allow users to remotely and secretly trace someone suspicious activities and take action with proof. A user can prevent their loved one from becoming the victim of digital crimes.

In this article, we will look at trustworthy and most reliable hidden spy apps for Android.

Best Hidden Spy Apps for Android 2020

As competition is so high, so it becomes hard to get the perfect solution for a problem. But we make a collection of such rich-featured based spying apps, which have been reliably serving from many years till now. In 2020, the above spy apps are the preference of millions.

  1. TheOneSpy

If we talk about the hallmark of spying any device, so TOS comes first. It’s the most powerful tracking app which has been serving millions of parents, businesses, and individuals from many years. It performs stealth operations with its advanced monitoring tools. People prefer it because it gives the true value of their money.

Some Advance Features of TOS

Some advanced features which differentiate it from other competitors are above.

Live 360 Camera Viewer

Live 360 Surrounding Listener

Live mobile screen recording to the target device.


TheOneSpy is compatible with all Android phones no matter what’s the version or model.

Plans and Packages price

These days the highest price of the plan is about $50 after discount.

Money-back Guarantee

TheOneSpy gives 14 days money-back guarantee on its all plans.

  • Spyic

To control kids’ and workers’ activities remotely and secretly, Spyic is the perfect solution. It keeps the user’s privacy and tracks targeted persons all online and offline activities. It allows the user to track targeted person live location, phone contacts, SMS, deleted chats, browsing history, bookmarked content and social account activities as well. It also provides a demo of installation, so the buyer could easily install and get the advantage of it.


It smoothly operates with all old and latest versions of Android phones.


These days Spyic is offering up to 86% off on its Android premium package.

  • Cocospy

It’s also the best surveillance app which allows the users to keep a sharp eye on people who are dear to you. It performs multiple operations discreetly and silently. It takes a few minutes to get install.

Installation Process

Its installation process is so convenient, which is based on three simple steps.

Get a subscription and sign up the account

Install and set up the app in a targeted An Android phone.

Start monitoring remotely by activating features.


It offers three packages for the Android plan. which is basic, premium and family. Discount Offer

Cocospy offers huge discount offers on different packages at different times. These days its Android premium package price is about $9.99 which is the biggest discount offer.

  • mSpy

Another brilliant featured based app that has successfully stood in front for many years. It offers 25 plus advance tracking features which gives the full picture of every single information of the targeted person. A user can send command of automatic recording, and it records all activities in short clips.

Customer Support Service

It gives value to its customers by offering free service.


It conveniently runs with all versions and models of Android OS.

  • TheTruthSpy

It’s also in the list of leadings spying apps, as it has proved itself by facilitating million with the best unique services. It keeps the user secure and gives access to all information in real-time.

Help desk

It also proves 24-hour free customer service where anyone can ask about any query.


It turns out that you can get the perfect hidden spy apps for Android and can get an advantage for the long term. Each app gives a true value for money in a different way. These wonderful apps will bring more innovative features in the future.