Tourism and Hospitality

Leeds, the largest city finding its place in the county of West Yorkshire in Northern England is known for its high rank with regards to being a high sufficiency level city on the basis of reports by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network. The city is the cultural, financial, and commercial hub known in the entirety of the urban area, inhabited in the heart of West Yorkshire. Voted the best UK University destination by The Independent Newspaper, Universities in Leeds are offering sandwich undergraduate degrees to aspirants willing to build up careers in Tourism and Hospitality management. Tourism which is a booming industry and is showing constant expansion as it very well caters to the needs of the traveller and their desire to go further more frequently and sustainably. Leading institutions are provided with a course curriculum in Tourism which acquaints learners with the emerging global trends in the tourism industry. These institutions are also located within close proximity to popular student accommodation Leeds

This dynamic tourism course will keep students up to date with emerging trends and global issues, providing with the experience and skills required to enter the industry at a professional level. On completion of the courses, students will gain the necessary skill sets to be able to travel the people from all cultures and backgrounds. At present, there are two prestigious institutions in Leeds that offer tourism courses to interested aspirants. Offers full-time or sandwich undergraduate degree students of Tourism alone, followed by Leeds Beckett University with full-time or sandwich undergraduate degree offered to students as well.

Leeds Beckett University- School of Events, Tourism and Hospitality Management

Leeds Beckett University which was formerly known as Leeds Metropolitan University is a renowned public university in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England that has its School of Events, Tourism, and Hospitality Management offering Hospitality and Tourism degree to aspirants having both business and creative bent of mind. At the end, of the course, students will be able to get many opportunities to express themselves with different and difficult situations. The course provides a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of international tourism with the ability to develop their entrepreneurial approach by working with industry partners as an internship course to develop innovative solutions to real-life business challenges.

Degree Offered & Course Duration- This will be a full-time BA (Hons) in International Tourism Management Degree awarded after successful completion of a 3 years course including the 4th year of campus placement offered to students.

Campus Location- The under-graduate course in tourism is offered at the world-famous Headingley Campus of the prestigious Leeds Beckett University.

Course Features- The tourism course features real-life projects, access to guest lectures, ITT student membership available, TMI student membership available, 24/7 Library, TEF Silver Award, university accommodation, industry links, placements, study abroad option, local and international field trips, and expert careers services.

Graduate Training Schemes- Students will be offered graduate training schemes available with renowned companies like Marriot and Hilton’s hotels helping students jump-start their careers in Tourism and Hospitality.

Career Opportunities- On successful completion of courses and securing the required grades, students who have gained an insight into ethical interpretations, environmental, moral, and legal issues and in the course of events, can make a contribution to the tourism and travel sector. Aspirants will be able to interpret the sustainable tourism and developmental aspects as well as the organizational structure and management of this ever-expanding service sector. The graduate degree holders will be able to aim higher and leaping forward with career opportunities in the field of marketing, business, tourism and hospitality, in roles such as

Leeds City College – School of Travel, Food & Drink

Granted the official status, in January 2009, The Leeds City College which was formed of three large colleges – Leeds College of Technology, Leeds Thomas Danby College, and Park Lane College imparts knowledge by offering a vast selection of vocational courses, spanning a range of subjects that combine academics with professionalism. There is a lot of industry exposure by studying in this institution that has industry links to tourism courses, to help prepare students for their great progression to booming industry-oriented careers. The College offers a wide range of vocational courses, helping aspirants gain industry-standard qualifications in sectors such as Food and Catering and Hair and Beauty, tourism and hospitality, amongst others.

Degree Offered & Course Duration- The University and its affiliated school of excellence offer Travel and Tourism City & Guilds Diploma Level 2 vocational degree after the completion of high school level education. The course is offered for a period of 1 year with extensive knowledge academically as well as implementing practical skills.

Campus Location- Students can head to the Printworks Campus of Leeds City College to take up this course and make careers in the tourism industry.

Course Features- The course features topics like principles of service, interpersonal, and selling skills, roles of resort representatives and tourist information and finally topics like how to plan a travel and tourism event.

Career Opportunities- On the culmination of this course, students can develop knowledge of the vibrant travel and tourism industry and work as a cabin crew member, in travel and tourism services, or as a resort representative. Aspirants can focus on strengthening their customer service skills and will benefit from industry visits, listening to guest speakers, and a one-week work placement offered with the course.

Students, therefore, can make a jumpstart with their careers in Tourism as they can prepare themselves in all aspects leading to success in the tourism industry. They will be able to gain experience in working with leading tourism industry giants. Students are offered with study campuses in Leeds Beckett University and Leeds City College, not far from their affordable student accommodation Leeds offered with budget-student specific homes.