In recent times the many smartphone applications are available in the app store for downloading the videos. But the vidmate is the most used one among the people. This Vidmate 2018 has been downloaded by millions of people around the world. You will never find any problems and so this will be helpful to get the multiple movies and the video clips for the free of cost. The application supports both the mobile and also the pc operating system. This will be simpler for the users to use the application and get high-quality videos free of cost.

Why the vidmate is preferred by users?

Most of the third-party applications will not be found in the built play store. Thus the vidmate also does not present in it. This is because of the license, rules and regulations issues with Google. But you will find this app in the third-party app source. For this, you have to do 9apps fast download from where you can get this vidmate app. Using this will be more comfortable for mobile users to find plenty of websites that are trending. Not a particular website will be missed with the help of this app. The application is also suitable to download HD videos. 

You can able to queue the plenty of the files in the list that are provided and so this will be handy to download them all at once. The app will work at the lightning speed and so you will able to get the HD movies and others within a few minutes. You will able to find the application free from the threats and other problems. It is also legal for the users to get the media from the paid websites. This kind of convenience will help the users to enjoy unlimited entertainment. The user will never find any disturbance as this is created by the famous company.

What are the highlights of the vidmate app?

Video player

In the vidmate, the users can able to watch videos that are present in the gallery and also the live streaming of the videos in HD Vidmate 2018. This video player is the inbuilt one and also this will support the various pixels. This will be handier for mobile users to watch them even if there is no network connection.

Change the resolution

The resolutions of the file will not be the same. So for the users who want to watch the videos in the particular pixel that is supporting the device then they have to set the resolution. The pixels will vary from the 180p to 1080p and so you can pick the suitable one for your gadget. This will not affect anything in the video and also it is free.


This is the application that will run in the background when the users are busy surfing some other content. This will be handy and also this will not cause any speed reduction and other problems. Even in the slow internet connection, this app will work. You can save your time and enjoy with flooded entertainment.