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Everyone knows that ecommerce means selling products globally. Ecommerce is booming with time. But how many of you are aware of the platforms available for ecommerce development. There are many ecommerce platforms available that merchants can choose to launch their business online. In this post, we are going to talk about one of the best ecommerce development platform Magento. By the end of the post, you will know why Magento is one of the best ecommerce website development platforms. Let’s dive into it.

  • Easy integration of third-party tools

Ecommerce third-party tools are meant to ease the operation of the business. Ecommerce website developers choose third party tools according to business needs. They then integrate these tools into an ecommerce website. Third-party tool integration are beneficial for both online merchants and customers. Magento enables online merchants to choose third-party tools to integrate with their website. Third-party tools including payment gateway tools help online merchants to provide easy and safe payment facilities to online customers. Let’s know some main third party tools integration that can help a merchant to easily operate a business online.

  1. Social Media Platform Integration

If you want to promote your product to more people, social media is the best platform to do this. Through social media, you can market your product to potential customers. Social media is the best platform for branding your business. Online customers would also able to share your products and content easily on social media. You can see how the integration of social media platforms can affect a business. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are very popular. Integrating these social media platforms with an ecommerce website will surely help a business grow.

  1. Data Analytics tools Integration

The data of customer’s interaction on the website can help a merchant in many ways. Data analytics tools can help merchants to understand customer’s buying behavior. Merchants can also get useful data like most purchased products in a day, week, month, etc. Merchant can get many insights and plan their business strategy according to the analytics. Merchants can also hire a business or market analyst to get help in understanding data analytics reports. But the question is how to collect this data? There are lots of data analytics tools like Google Analytics that merchants can choose to integrate with their online store. Merchants can choose any of the data analytics tools to get the analytics report.

  1. Payment Gateway tools integration

The success of an online business depends on many things. The payment option that a merchant provides to customers is one of those things. Facilitating online customers with safe payment options will really help your business. Customers use different types of payment methods for online payment. So, you would need to integrate a third-party payment tool with your website if you are selling products to global consumers. The safe transaction is also very important. Customers will only trust you if you provide a safe payment gateway to your online store. Magento offers several third party payment processor integration which supports different languages. These tools will help you in facilitating payment to local customers.

So, these were some important tools integration that Magento supports. An online merchant can choose to integrate these third-party tools with the website to ease the operation of the business. Let’s move to the next advantage of magento ecommerce development.

  • Search Engine Optimization

When you launch an online business, you want people to know your product. It’s important that your website appear in the search result. And for that, your website needs to be SEO-friendly. The more it gets optimized for search engines, the more it appears in the search result. Magento ecommerce offers great features that boost the SEO of a website. Let’s know the major factors that affect the SEO of a website. 


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  1. UI (User Interface)

User interface plays a significant role in increasing the quality of the website. The UI of the website should be attractive and not complex. Users should feel easy to interact on the website. It should be responsive. It should have good navigation features so that user can easily navigate from one page to another. The ecommerce website should have a responsive shopping cart. UI is one of the important factors that greatly affect user interaction on the website. Magento offers a wide range of themes that merchants can use for their website.

  1. Loading speed of Web pages

Most people don’t know but web page loading speed greatly affects the SEO of a website. If web pages of your website is not loading quickly, search engines like Google, Yahoo will not give any preference to your website to appear in the search result. A websites’ web pages should have fast loading speed ( minimum loading time) in order to make it more optimized for search engine. Imagine your website has a low web page loading speed. A customer visits your website but it didn’t open quickly. Would that customer visit again? No. So, it directly affects your online business. Ecommerce web developers perform various quality test to make it load faster. Websites having fast loading speed get high rank in the SERP ( Search engine result pages).

  1. Web page Content 

The content of your website makes it look different from other websites. The graphics, product description of the product should be unique and attractive. Content should be relevant and easily understandable for the customer. Product description should have all the information that the customer need to know.

The above three factors are important to make a website SEO-friendly. There are lot more things that make a website optimized for search engine.

Magento ecommerce enables merchants to add meta data for title and description as well. Merchants can add meta title and meta description for both products and product category. Magento optimize every graphic content (images, video etc.) of the website so that it load quickly. Magento also offers merchants to choose SEO friendly URLs. Merchants can also add a blog page to their ecommerce website.

  • Customized Themes and extension

Magento offers more than 7000 extensions to be used with a website. These extensions contain powerful modules and plugins. These extensions fulfill the needs of modern businesses like POS, inventory management, etc. These extensions can be used to get important data about selling and buying of products. Magento provides some of these extensions for free.

  • Community support

Magento is one of the mostly used ecommerce platform. Over 8000 ecommerce developers use magento for ecommerce web development. Magento ecommerce has a community forum where more than 360k people provide and get help. This number is increasing at a high pace. Large number of web development companies are choosing magento ecommerce for ecommerce web development. You should hire professional ecommerce website developers who have already built ecommerce websites on Magento.

So, these were some important features of magento ecommerce platform. Magento is specifically built for e-commerce. It offers various advantages to merchants and helps them to reach global customer efficiently. Magento offers two types of versions for ecommerce development, the first is Magento open source and the second is Magento Commerce.


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Magento open source is free and ecommerce developers can use the resources of magento for ecommerce website development. Magento Commerce is paid and offers more features to merchants. Merchants can choose Magento Commerce plan if they have medium or large business. Magento Commerce has two package Magento Starter and Magento Pro. Starter package is built for small and medium sized business. While merchants can choose Magento Pro plan if they have a large size business operating globally.

Magento enables merchants to set different price tags for customer and retailers. A magento ecommerce website facilitates customers to upload text or image for product’s personalization. Magento also offer a lot of advantages to customers. It facilitates customers to compare products from the search history. The product images of magento ecommerce website are zoom-able. Magento ecommerce facilitates customers to share products on with their friends and family. Customers can use social media or emails for sharing.

We have covered almost all the main features of magento ecommerce. You would have understand why Magento is one of the best ecommerce platform through this post. We have reached at the end of the post. Let’s look at some stats related to Magento. Did you know that more than 250k merchants are using magento ecommerce for their online business. And more than 7.5k merchants have migrated to Magento ecommerce platform. 

This is such a large number and tells about the popularity of Magento ecommerce. Hope you liked this post and you will hire a professional magento ecommerce development company.

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