impact of Facebook on SEO

Social networks like Facebook and Facebook business manager play an essential role in the dissemination of information. On a professional level, their use must be integrated into your marketing strategy. Admittedly, they do not directly influence the natural referencing of your website (SEO) but contribute to the improvement of your notoriety. and the impact of Facebook on SEO.

In what follows, it will be interesting to look at the impact of Facebook on your SEO services and to highlight how to properly manage a professional page for better results.

1. What is the impact of Facebook on natural referencing?

The Facebook social network is not a good resolution to improve your natural referencing. However, it is a great way to generate traffic. If you manage to grab the attention of Facebook users and have an interesting interaction with them, you will likely be able to direct them to your website and retain them.

2. Facebook tips to improve your site traffic

Creating a page is not enough to have an impact on your reputation. Using Facebook as a digital strategy and as a corporate social network is a long-term task that requires patience, constant monitoring and specific know-how.

Here are some Facebook tips that can guide you!

3- Pay attention to the name of your Facebook page!

The name of your professional Facebook page must be relevant. It must clearly indicate your field of activity, your target product, etc. Avoid long and unclear headings. In addition, once indicated, you must avoid changing it, as you may no longer be recognized by your Facebook fans.

4- Use the best URL!

Use a URL like this: The advantage is that you can enter your address a keyword or the name of your domain, your company, etc. However, this is only possible when you have a minimum of 100 fans.

5- Use links on your company’s Facebook page

Certainly, the links you use on your Facebook page will not improve the natural referencing of your website but will allow you to have more visitors and will, therefore, improve your chances of finding potential customers. Indeed, these links allow referring to pages, articles and blogs of your sites. They will be accessible not only for your followers but also for their virtual friends.

So be sure to include interesting links that link to your products and news.

6- Use backlinks that link to your Facebook page!

Set up icons of style: “Join us on Facebook” to encourage the user to visit your Facebook page. By becoming a fan, the information will become more accessible and visible.

7- Make your publications public

Check the privacy settings of your Facebook page and put your posts in public mode so that your posts are visible to your fans, but also to all Facebook users. Indeed, some of them only click on the “like” button after having checked the content of the page.

8- Use keywords in your publications

Search engine results include links to websites, blogs, but also to social media posts. It is better than to insert, in your publications, texts based on well-thought-out terms and expressions. The hashtag also promotes your SEO.

For example, you can take advantage of descriptions to add to images, videos, infographics and links to introduce texts containing keywords. and must check the impact of Facebook on SEO.

Also, take advantage of the “info” and “about” tabs to insert useful links and keywords.

Please note: you must know how and when to publish on Facebook! Your content must be updated and relevant. Also, you have to choose the right time to publish SEO and Digital Marketing Expert in Bangladesh. Choose, for example, schedules where employees must be on break, the end of the day, evenings, etc.

39 Things to remember!

If not properly used, Facebook can be a waste of time, energy and resources.

– Google’s algorithms are based on a robot and do not really take into account SEO tools if they are applied on Facebook. On the other hand, the latter is based on a generally human regency.

– Avoid “Auto-likes” and buying fans. Above all, count on the publication of engaging content.

– Social signals like likes and comments have no influence on SEO. However, they allow for more visibility.