Investing in a stock market requires detailed planning along with research at your own end. Most of us would want to avail the services of the best broker in India but once again it is not an easy task. There are a lot of protocols involved in this process and let us get to the details. Before we are about to choose a stockbroker it is important to figure out the type of broker you are going to need in the first place. The facilities that they provide are also important and in the market, they are full time and discount brokers. The onus is on the investor to know more about a stockbroker as how does he work and whether the money is safe with the stockbroker or not


All of us are aware of the power of attorney where sharing broking houses has cashed in on the benefits of smallholdings. So you need to be aware that the broker you have gone on to choose works with full transparency. All the necessary information about Demat account along with its holdings is provided and even the transaction or bill note. One of the important things that help you during the course of transactions with a broker is a contract note. Basically it is like the purchase of receipts in a hotel.

Less brokerage

The aim of every investor who is putting in their hard-earned money into the market is to make profits. But once the stockbroker goes on to deduct money for your transactions then it is time to take a long hard look. You might have to switch a broker or ask them to reduce the charges. There is an age-old saying that if the cost of doing business is going to increase more than the profits, then there is no need to be doing such a business.

Customer service

In a country, there are more than 250 broking houses who go on to provide services in their own way. Everyone wants to deliver interest in their own way but a certain class of brokers manipulate the interests of customers via social media.

As an investor, it is really important to figure out whether your broker is treating you in a proper way or not. In order to achieve that you need to keep in mind that you clear off all your obligations on time. Ideally, it should be done on the same day or within 24 hours. Even details about your financial assets need to be given on time. if you have any doubts pertaining to your trading there has to be a relationship manager for your help.

Trading facility

There are brokers in the market who tend to manipulate investors so that they can earn money within a short span of time. In fact more the levels of the greed of the investors more money the broker tends to make.