Best Mattress For Sciatica

Only the people who suffer from issues like sciatica can tell how much discomfort it causes them. Best Mattress For Sciatica can be induced by various factors like age, obesity, diabetes, and laboured occupation. The problem produces mild to severe pain, which starts from the lower back and travels to the legs. People sometimes also feel shooting and burning sensations in the area, which creates even more distress for them.

Most doctors recommend the following solutions to sciatica patients:

●  Physical Therapy: Almost all the people who have sciatica are prescribed to go for physical therapies regularly. Physical therapy improves posture, flexibility, and muscle strength, which helps in curing the pain.

●  Medication: If the case is of mild sciatica, then doctors prescribe some pain-relief medicines to the patient.

●  Steroid Injections: Patients who suffer from severe pain and discomfort are given steroid injections directly in the sciatic nerve. While they can show instant results, they come with some side effects.

●  Surgery: When the condition gets out of hand, and no other method works for the patient, then they undergo a surgical process.

Along with all these methods, the patient also has to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This includes a proper exercise routine, right posture all the time, and a correct mattress for sciatica.

Selecting The Best Mattress For Sciatica

Mattress plays a significant role in our everyday lives. Its importance increases for people who suffer from health issues, such as sciatica. That is why they cannot go with ‘just any mattress,’ when their bodies require extra care. While selecting the correct mattress for sciatica, people should consider the following points:

●  Firmness: Firmness means how soft the mattress feels to the sleeper. The perfect firmness of the mattress differs from person to person. The two main factors for deciding the right firmness for a person are their body weight and their sleeping position.

●  Thickness: The thickness of the mattress is not only for the elevation of the bed. It also provides better comfort to people. It is recommended for the mattress for sciatica patients to be 10+ inches in thickness. An Individual’s weight also matters while deciding the thickness of the mattress.

●  Motion Isolation: Motion isolation is essential for people with sciatica, as they tend to make motions while sleeping due to discomfort.

●  Support And Comfort: While the support of a mattress means maintaining an even surface, its comfort means moulding the sleeper’s body. They both are crucial for the alignment of the spine. So they should be present in the sciatica patients’ mattress.

●  Noise: Finally yet importantly, noise is also a significant factor. The best mattress for sciatica patients should not make much noise, as it can disturb their sleep and cause further problems.

If someone is planning to buy a mattress for a sciatica patient, then they should consider all these points before picking one.