oculoplastic surgery

The surgeon who deals with the beautification of the eye and areas around the eye is known as the oculoplastic surgeon. They do not just perform beautifying eye surgery but also cures certain eye deformities. In other words, the abnormalities that are related to eyelids, eyelashes, tear ducts and certain areas around the eye come into the category of oculoplastic. 

Why Get Oculoplasty Treatment Done?

Oculoplastic surgery may be performed for a number of reasons. The most common reason is congenital deformities. These are defects that newborn babies develop at the time of their birth. These are drooping eyelids, shrunken eyelids, blocked tear ducts or infection.

On the other hand, oculoplastic treatments are performed in case a patient has any sort of damage in the tear duct, a scar in the eye area, eyeball infection or tumour. Besides treating the issue, it also enhances the appearance of a person. So it can be said, oculoplastic has both functional and beautifying importance. You can learn more about oculoplastic surgery in Delhi from the various online resources available. Just make sure you find the right doctor for your treatment.

Eye Conditions Treated By Oculoplasty

The major deformities of the eye that are treated with oculoplastic are as follows:


The drooping of eyelids is known as ptosis. This is a common deformity found in babies. And the best way to treat this is by oculoplastic surgery. In this condition, the upper eyelids of one or both the eyes droop downwards and restrict clear vision.


In this condition, the eyelids turn inwards and cause the eyelashes to rub against the cornea. This may also lead to infection and irritation in the cornea.


In this condition, the eyelids turn outwards and increase light sensitivity and dryness. It also leads to infection.


If the eyes blink uncontrollably, it makes the person incapable to keep the eyes open. Blurry vision may also occur.


Be it minor or complex injuries in the eye, it can cause infection, inflammation and poor vision. So oculoplastic treatment is the best way out.


This is a deformity in which a person is unable to close the eyelids fully. This may cause dry eyes, irritation, and pain during sleep.


Any abnormal growth on the eye is called a tumour. It could be benign or malignant. Some of the common eye tumours are basal cell carcinoma, cyst, and sebaceous cell carcinoma. 

Thyroid Eye Disease

Several diseases can form from thyroid disease and these are swelling of the eye socket, fat deposit causing the eyeball to bulge outside. Besides medications, these conditions need to be treated by oculoplastic.

Cellulitis In The Eye Socket

This is the infection within the soft eye tissues present in the eye socket. If medications do not prove successful, the eye doctor may refer to an oculoplastic surgeon for treatment.

Be it ageing or inherited disorder, there could be certain defects in the eye. Also, one may experience infections, inflammation or develop tumours in the eye at any point in time. And depending upon the severity of the condition, the doctor may suggest surgery.