silk kimonos for sale

Everyone knows that kimono is the traditional attire for people in Japan and they are mostly worn during special occasions. They are mainly worn by women and they have also become a fashion trend over the years which has crossed the boundaries and reached every corner of the world.

So, before one wants to try those silk kimonos for sale, one must get an idea about the major styles that are available when it comes to kimonos.


This one is mainly worn by an unmarried woman. The name of this type of kimono means ‘swinging sleeves,’ and these long sleeves fall from 39 to 42 inches. They are mostly decorated with some coloured patterns and they cover the garment fully. It is said that longer the sleeves are, more formal the kimono is. So, this is the most formal clothing that an unmarried woman can wear in weddings and other special ceremonies like tea ceremony and coming of age ceremony at silk kimonos for sale.


They can be worn by both married and unmarried women. They also have a pattern that covers the entire kimono and they do not have any particular direction of the layout. This is the most informal silk kimono that a woman can wear.


It is another set of formal kimono which is worn by only married women. They have patterns and crests which can also incorporate works of gold and silver but they are there only below the waist. There are black Tomesode and coloured Tomesode which have five crests. One can wear them during wedding occasions and they have any colours than that of black.

Susohiki or Hikizuri

These are worn during the time of geisha or stage performances at the time of traditional Japanese dances. They do not look like regular kimonos because they are much longer and they have a trail on the floor.


In Japanese, Odori means dance and so this particular variety is worn when one is about to perform a traditional Japanese dance. This kimono is half and a half and this can refer that the kimono has 2 designs. They can have various styles and they mostly are made of synthetic textiles. They can be washed at a regular interval and so one can maintain them easily.


They are plain-coloured and un-patterned kimonos, and they mostly come in single colours and they can be worn by both married and unmarried women. They are appropriate and mostly worn during tea ceremonies. How formal the kimono is depended on the number of crests present in it.


This is a kind of a mourning kimono which is worn by both male and female. They are completely black in colour and they have five crests over the white undergarments.


This is worn at the festivals that take place during the summer. It has a bright colour and simple design. This is an unlined kimono which is made of cotton materials.

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