ielts class Vancouver

If you dream of going abroad to study or work or for migration-related purpose then you are required to give certain English tests. Among these IELTS remains on top. The international English language testing system commonly called IELTS is the basic criteria for around 140 foreign countries to be given and qualified by you before you can come to that country for study or work. This test is given every year by thousands of people aspiring to go abroad. You can take the IELTS class in Vancouver too.

Format of IELTS

IELTS offers you flexibility in giving the test, you can choose to give this test on computers or on papers. The type and level of questions and format of the paper remain the same in both the options. IELTS is a test that considers all the four skills of the language of an individual, which is listening, reading, speaking and writing the English language. When giving the IELTS test, you have the liberty to give listening, reading and writing tests on the same day and the speaking test on some other day. You have to select a time slot when you can give the speaking test.

  • In the listening test, you will hear four different recordings in English and then you will be asked to answer the questions related to them. This whole process has 30 minutes to get completed
  • The next is the reading test which is of 60 minutes. This test is done to know the reading skills of the person.
  • The reading test is followed by a writing test that will ask you to write two tasks on the module that you took.
  • The speaking test is of about 15 minutes that evaluates your spoken English. This test is recorded and takes place in three parts.

Classes for IELTS

It is very rare for an individual to pass the IELTS test without taking any classes. You can take the ielts class Vancouver to know the English language better and it improves your chances of qualifying the exam in one go. These classes help students learn academic English better. They have a mock test every week for the better preparation of the student. It focuses individually on all the four skills in the English language and trains you for all of them. Apart from these, the classes generate self-confidence in a person and when you have self-confidence you can conquer anything in the world.

 For you to study or work in any English-speaking nation, IELTS is of great importance to be undertaken. It acts as proof that you are well versed in English. For you to get registered in that nation in any profession, you must have taken IELTS. Even for migration-related purposes, IELTS is the number one demand of countries before giving you permanent citizenship in that nation. This test is the fairest and the most unbiased test, it strictly analyses you on the basis of your skills and talent.