Street food

Over the last 10 years, the street food business has been revolutionized in its full swing and has grown rapidly. There are a lot of food choices for the street food business as you can select any food item or multiple as there is a broad variety of eclectic and diverse foods to let your customers try. From ice cream rolls and Bao buns to Persian wraps and wood-fired pizzas, etc. Despite all these options, street food business is growing massively because the modern twist and old traditional food items are still emerging to become new. Therefore, it is clear that there are so many options and ideas for the people who want to start this business and want to stand out in this industry. So, in this article, you will get to know about so many options and ideas that will help you on your way to your street food business. 

Food Stall Options for your Street Food Business 

  • Burgers

Well, burgers are considered the most classic street food option that will never lose its place and customers’ appeal. Well, some sell handmade burgers or some sell branded burgers as burgers are everyone’s favorite. Where you go, you can see burger stalls as there is a lot of competition out there but don’t get worried as there is still room for new people in the market. 

  • Woodfired Pizza

Some people like wood-fired pizza as they are famous for their fresh dough and customers can ask or select their favorite toppings as well. These pizzas are made by throwing them into a wood-fired pizza oven on wheels, and you can serve this food item to your customers easily.  

  • Vegan alternatives

The popularity of vegan food items is growing so fast in the food street business as the popularity of vegan diets is increased. Many vegan food stalls and vegan food trucks are popping up in the market over the last years and it seems that it will continue. People are selling vegan burgers and vegan pizzas to vegan hot dogs, etc.  

  • Bao Buns

Steamed buns are known for their warm, and delicious taste. They are fluffy treat as they come with stuffing that is wrapped inside a white dough, that is sweet. It usually made by mixing ingredients such as flour, yeast, sugar, baking powder, milk, and oil. People can choose to have them filled with their favorite meats or vegetarian stuffing. 

  • Wraps

Wraps are so famous in the street food business as they have been in the market for the last few years. And, like burgers, their demand will never decline and they will maintain their place in the list of customers’ demands. You can’t deny the fact that the biggest queues are always in front of the wrap stall. 

  • Roast dinner wraps

These days, people are enjoying roast dinner wraps. As, they are made of some delicious ingredients, such as slices of roast beef, carrots, horseradish, gravy in a Yorkshire pudding wrap with shredded cabbage. Boom! Yes, your roast dinner wraps are ready and they are so in these days as they are just tasty!  

  • Pad Thai

Pad Thai is a dish that is famous these days, as people like to have them to satisfy their hunger immediately. They include wok-fried noodles, prawns, chicken or beef, with an egg. This is so in demand in the street food business as it is tasty and easy to make and this dish is famous in Thailand. 

  • Caribbean food

This food item is also popular as well as street food stall of Caribbean food is increasing in numbers. In this, a jerk chicken grilled in front of you or the flavorsome curried goat on the BBQ. 

Select some Beverages and desserts 

Well, as we are talking about Street food stalls, so we can’t miss the beverage stalls, as well as street food stalls, describe outdoor eating. Therefore, select drinks and desserts, as well as they, are also very popular in the street food business and they consume very little energy and time.  

  • Mobile cocktail bar

We know that summer often comes hand in hand, so the cocktail. Therefore, it makes sense if you serve a cocktail outside. Well, you may not see many of them outside as a street food stall but just watch out of them as they are becoming popular. 

  • Mobile Juice Bar

People are health conscious therefore, they like to intake fresh juices on a regular basis. So, start your Mobile juice bar, and provide your customers with all their favorite type of fresh fruit juices. 

  • Smoothie bowls

Smoothies are so popular in kids, well, now there are smoothie bowls. If you don’t know about the smoothie bowl, then it is not that difficult to understand, as just think of having a smoothie in a bowl with a range of fruits, nuts, seeds, and toppings. This delicious thing is now making its way in the street food business and people are enjoying it. 

  • Coffee Iced coffee

People like to have hot coffee when its cold and they also like to have iced coffee when it’s too hot outside. It all depends on the weather and the mood of the customers. 

  • Ice cream

This is another dessert option that has been using for last past years. But you can make it look interesting by emerging the old classic food traditions with modern twists. They are made of organic milk and become dairy-free ice-creams.  

Major things that have to be kept in mind

  • Healthy options

Well, as we know that people of this era are so health-conscious, therefore, they always keep an eye on the ingredients that are used in the making of their meal. Some people have an issue of OCD (obsession compulsion disorder) they always make sure that the things that are using in the making of the food are clean and hygienic. Therefore, always use hygienic ingredients and things that will not disappoint your customers. 

  • Sophistication 

As we know that the street food business has made its place in the food industry, therefore, the level of sophistication has increased as well as people like to go to sophisticated places. Those days are gone when people used to buy low quality burgers or any other food item from the side of the road. But these days, if you want to run your street food business then you have to up your game in all terms of presentation, product, and packaging. 

  • Biodegradable packaging

People are so nature-friendly these days, they demand to have their items packed in biodegradable and eco-friendly packaging. People don’t like to use plastic or any other thing that can harm nature. Therefore, most of the people use Custom Food Boxes for the packaging. As they are made of nature-friendly green materials that will not only protect your items from various adverse environmental effects but will help you to promote your business as well. 


So, these were all the options that will help you to start your street food business, in fact, if got any other idea after reading this article then you go with that too. Well, whatever you choose or select for your business, I would like you to wish a very Good Luck!