Best ways to get YouTube subscribers

The dream of becoming an inevitable part of the second biggest search engine is considered to be a herculean task in the past decade. But knowing the nucleus of this social media platform- The YouTube- it’s just a follow up of some inclusions and practices. Many YouTube channel owners are hurdled up at a threshold and may get perplexed why they are not getting enough subscribers or viewers’, free subscribers. It is not all about starting a channel and putting good quality content, but it’s about some tactics and strategies for great outreach. One who masters these marketing techniques will never have to look back.

Know the basics-stick to the plan

Before starting a YouTube channel, go through the basic requirement, the scope of the channel and marketing ideas. Be stern in your stands with proper planning. If you wish to create a channel in a particular arena, try to adhere to the same field as long as you get enough viewers. Don’t make your channel an old storage box containing, irrelevant video contents. Timely changes must be incorporated into the channel so that you can attract fresh viewers to your channel.

Attracting the subscribers

  • Seek the help of promoters

Many online platforms are there which helps to promote the YouTube channels. In the initial stages, you may find it difficult to manage so many viewers with fewer contents. In order to get more exposure and popularity to the channel, one can seek the help of the promoters for free subscribers. Some starting trial plans are available for free and with spending a few bucks you can avail great offers. If you manage to get a decent number of subscribers in the primary stage, that will increase the reliability and attract more viewers to the channel.

  • Create watchable contents

If you really wish to stand out from the remaining video clutters on YouTube, something innovative and magnificent should be there on your channel. For that make a thorough research about the field, know your competitors, and explore the new methods. Instead of directly wing out the contents on the screen, the well-scripted ones will convey the message more effectively. Once you master the art of scripting, you can take the contents to an entirely new level.

  • Create catchy trailers

The trailers can speak for you even before one enters into your channel. The short duration trailers which give a great idea about the contents which are crafted beautifully can make the potential subscribers to subscribers. The trailers should automatically play when one visits your channel. You can make a perfect subscription base making use of the compelling trailers.

  • Make brief and precise contents

No one will wish to waste their time on your channel for information available on lengthy durations. Everyone needs a precise solution within a short interval. The video viewers will have a very short attention span and that is why the most engaging videos are crafted for almost 2 minutes. The most important points should be presented within the first 10 seconds so that they will continue to watch the contents further. Cut short the lengthy introductions, put your contents with appropriate subtitles and get through the minds of the audience.

  • Include thumbnails and CTAs

Many viewers may watch the videos and skip to the other contents and they may not know the benefit of liking and subscribing to a particular channel. You can insert a call to action into a video in order to remind them to like or subscribe to the channel. One can do this with the help of end screens or cards in the videos. Through the end screens, you can encourage your viewers to subscribe to the channel or can navigate them to another post of yours. The cards allow more interactivity during the video and can be used to point to a specific URL or can suggest some playlists. The thumbnails should be as attractive as a book cover tempting the viewers to open it. You can choose the picture of the end product so as to generate the curiosity in the viewers and they will automatically open it.

  • Consistent posting and promotion

The consistency in the release of every post will engender anticipation in the audience. Once in a week or two weeks or even monthly, you can stream the videos. The promotion of your videos can be done through other social media platforms. Promoting other channels can invite free subscribers to your channel. Advertisements also can play an inevitable role in the promotion.


With its extensive attractiveness, it’s hard for marketers to close their eyes to the video marketing methods. With such high fame derives, high contest. The channel is packed with a continuous library of video content. To stand out from the crowd one can use the strategies mentioned above and grow their channels.