Ashok Leyland Rental Generator

If are you planning for getting a generator on rent, obviously you are thinking about Ashok Leyland rental generator best for your need? 

Ashok Leyland brand is one of the greatest Indian automobile company, based in Chennai, and it was placed in the year 1948. This company is managed by Hinduja Group. If you choose the Ashok Leyland brand for getting a generator on rent, it is the best choice for your needs.

Ashok Leyland is popular in the market for quality manufacture.  They provide the best diesel generators on rent with the latest feature and best prices. And if you thinking to hire Ashok Leyland Generator ob rent and you have no information about Ashok Layland generator. Don’t trouble, in this blog you know all detail about Ashok Leyland generator. 

As you fully enjoy the summer season in all its beauty, you need also to be conscious of the power outages that happen during this time. You seemingly always find yourself covered in beads of sweat every time the electricity goes out as if the heat of the summer season wasn’t just to do that.

Design Features of Ashok Leyland Generator

  • Best, Reliable, Robust & Rugged generator engines designed.
  • Standardized Design for a complete range
  • Wide after-sales & parts support
  • Better Block Loading Capability
  • Compact generator engine 
  • Low Ownership Cost- best price
  • Low Oil & Fuel consumption
  • Continuous duty power rating
  • Minimal vibrations and lower noise levels
  • Easy Serviceability & Repairability

Certified By

  • CPCB Approved Generator
  • ISO Certified
  • EPA and EU certified engine


  • Helpline number available
  • Easy spares availability
  • Quick problem resolution
  • Provide the generator maintenance service
  • Provide long-lasting best  Eicher Diesel Generator

Specification Of Ashok Leyland Generator

  • Range from 5 KVA to 2500 KVA
  • Product Design – Easy to port
  • High capacity fuel tank size for long time operation cycle
  • Super Silent operation 
  • Eco- Friendly design 
  • Automated control panel
  • Multiple Outlets
  • CO sensor facility 
  • Low fuel auto-shutoff
  • Easy for use
  • Easy to maintenance 
  • CO control system

Ashok Leyland Genset on rent is a reputed brand of DG sets. With the high-class quality engine, the alternator, and controller system, Ashok Leyland company gives a completely combined power structure at standard with comprehensive measures at an energetic in general cost of ownership. Ashok Leyland generator made to- meet with the most recent CPCB-II standards in India and worked to easily meeting universal standards.

Acoustic Enclosures

  • The design technique of Ashok Leyland Dg Set ensures easy and low-cost maintenance, services, and convenience inside the acoustic enclosure.
  • This acoustic generator enclosure specifically made with a CRCA and using the CNC method to complete the finish.

AMF control panel in Ashok Leyland Genset 

  • The AMF panel is microprocessor technology-based, so you can easily operate this on auto as well as manual mode.
  • This AMF panel controls all the parameters like engine safety and other alarm trip condition
  • A special alarm condition is used to find out LLOP, HWT, overload, under or over speed, and low fuel level. 
  • Ashok Leyland has a microprocessor chip -based AMF Control unit, which can work on auto and manual both mode. It controls the generator engine safety parameters and conditions display on the front panel.
  • The controller system is specifically created to match all the specific requirements of the generator customers.
  • This AMF panel is included with various conditions of operation like a load on the generator, generator auto or manual mode, load on mains, and main healthy.
  • The in-built multi-function meter provides the live information of AC current/voltage, Frequency, Kilowatt-hour, and power factor
  • Ashok Leyland generator is also available with a standard control panel to operate in manual mode. 

Few best model of Ashok Leyland Generator

  • Ashok Leyland 125 KVA Generator
  • Ashok Leyland 1010 KVA Generator
  • Ashok Leyland 2500 KVA Generator
  • Ashok Leyland silent diesel 40KVA Generator
  • 100 KVA Ashok Leyland Generator
  • Manul Ashok Leyland Silent generator
  • Ashok Leyland Design Three Phase (5 – 500 kVA) Diesel Generator

Why Should We Get an Ashok Leyland Generator on Rent?

When looking for a generator on rent, it is important to remember a wide range of alternatives that are accessible in the market. Information on the wide variety of models available can be priceless to you. The dealers guarantee that the generator you choose for renting will provide your financial limit and satisfy your needs. 

The advantage of renting an Ashok Leyland generator is that it will be covered by a dealer’s guarantee. Ashok Leyland diesel generator on rent is the best and reliable generator. 


Ashok Leyland Rental Generator has received maximum attraction from customers. These rental generators offered by EO Energy are well acclaimed for their excellent functionality and flexible design Rental Generator. Generator with highly efficient alternators and automatic control diesel generators, these generators are obtained in wide specifications from well-known vendors.