It doesn’t matter how many GIFs or videos you use in your content, if the content itself is not engaging, you won’t appeal to readers. Content is always the king, and it will remain the king. So, if you want more readers for your blog, or want to convert leads quickly, you need to create content that is eye-catchy.

Effective content can certainly help you grab the eyes of readers, stakeholders, and Google. If people take time to read your original and relevant content, Google will rank your page or website higher.

The trick question is how to write eye-catchy content? Well, writing quality content is certainly a personal choice. If you don’t take the effort to do research or write well, you won’t ever get good reviews. If you are trying to get people to write for cheap or not putting in too much effort of your own, you won’t get good numbers.

If you have decided to make your content engaging, and more appealing, these tips can help you.

1. Original content

This one is no brainer, but it still needs to be put out. If you want people to read your content, and relate with it, or Google to rank it higher, create original and fresh content.

Not only does Google penalize your site or page for copying others content, but it also will not get you the desired results.

Original content also means that you cannot rehash the same concept. If something is trending, try to use it in a way that no one is talking about. But if you keep beating around the same idea, it won’t engage people.

2. Make the content actionable

If your content doesn’t tell people how to implement what you said in practical life, they won’t come back to you. No one wants procrastination, if the blog post doesn’t provide a guide plan to take these action plans into action, it won’t work for you.

You provide them with useful tips that can aid them in using your content with the issue that they are facing.

3. Ensure that your content is for the readers, not you

A common mistake that many writers make is writing the content according to them. sure, you are passionate about it and want to write the best language, and use technical words so that you make absolute sense.

But in all this, you are forgetting that not all your readers are experts on that subject. Most of them want simple language and words that they can understand. They want to get into too many technicalities.

Also, refrain from using big or technical jargon. Moreover, keep in mind that your sentences have to be short eye-catchy. Don’t use sentences that have 20 or more words. Keep them concise, like only 15 or less if possible.

Also, no passive voice sentences should be present in your article. They make it harder for readers to understand the content.

4. Image is also content

We talked that using quality images is not enough if your content is not great. It is certainly true, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot use images in your content. You must add images or GIFs or infographics in your content as they make it more relevant and understandable for readers.

You can create original and easy images, infographics using Canva.

5. Headlines are important

It is important to divide your content into headlines and subheadings. They break your paragraphs into readable content, which can make a ton of difference. If the headline/sub-headline is good, people can understand what the point will say, and will give it a go.

Otherwise, they can skip the content as research says that most people read all the headlines, but only some of the content.

So, invest at least 80% of your time into headlines while writing your article, blog post, and so on

The same goes for the title of the blog as it can encourage people to click on the link. So, make sure the title is catchy too.

6. Make sure it provides answers

The main aim of a blog post or article is to provide answers. So, make sure your current post is fulfilling that purpose eye-catchy. Any reader who types in a keyword is looking for particular answers to their specific problems, and that too quickly.

If you are unable to provide that, they will leave your blog and go to one that is providing answers to their questions.

7. Content should be thought-provoking

You want your audience to engage with your content because that is the only way they will read the whole post. For that, you need engaging content. Use these tips for it:

Ask questions: when you end your post, leave with a question that makes the reader think about the post for long eye-catchy. Don’t leave the post incomplete though!

Stories: If you are writing a blog, don’t forget to add a story or anecdote where possible. It can help with engagement.

To run a successful business, you need good content. It is not easy, but when you are 100% dedicated, you can do it without any doubt.