Ac Colling

You brought the best air conditioner under 25000 to deal with the unbearable summer heat of India, and everything was going great! But only after 6-7 months, you started to experience that your AC is running but not cooling! Just imagine your situation!

However, there could be reasons that your AC may be running fine but unable to cool. Let’s explore them in today’s post!

1. Your AC’s air filter has clogged

The key reason your AC is unable to cool is maybe that its air filter may have been clogged. When it happens, then air is unable to get through properly. It leads to reducing the cooling capacity of your AC. Hence, ensure to clean the air filters of your AC from time to time.

2. Your AC’s coils have become dirty

Another reason why your AC is not cool enough is that the coils of your best air conditioner under 25000 may have become dirty and may have debris. The condenser coil in an AC must be kept clean to dissipate heat out. When the coils are dirty, the AC ends up being less efficient. In turn, it may make it strain and cough up more electricity units and larger light bills. Thus, if the coils remain dirty, then it may run but will not cool your room enough.

3. Your AC’s coolant is insufficient 

It is the coolant of your AC that circulates via the evaporator coils and cools the air that flows over it. It ends up spreading cool air into the room. But when the coolant of your AC is inadequate, then the AC falters to cool the room. If you think it is the case, you should call a certified agent of your AC’s company for coolant refill and top up.

4. Your AC’s compressor may have gone kaput

An air conditioners’ compressor is like the heart which is responsible for making your room stay cool. Hence, when your AC is running but being unable to cool, then it may hint at your compressor being faulty. The compressor, as the name suggests, compresses the coolant and make it flow via the condenser coils and evaporator. If the compressor of your AC goes corrupt, then it may mean the cooling cycle of your AC won’t begin and hence; your AC will not cool your room.

5. Your AC’s thermostat is defective    

The thermostat of your AC is a sensor that detects the temperature of the space and signals the compressor to begin the cycle of cooling. If your AC’s thermostat is out of order, then the air conditioner will not cool and do its job consistently.

6. Your AC’s parts have gone defective

Other possible technical reasons behind your AC running but not cooling your room may be a defective compressor’s run capacitor. Also, if the AC’s thermistor, control board, capillary and motor is also defective, then your AC may fail to perform and not cool your room.

7. Your AC’s capacity is not sufficient for your room

Many times, you may bring home a device that may just match your budget and not your needs, and it may happen even in the case of an AC. If you have installed a 1 ton or lower capacity AC in a medium to the large room, then it may not cool the entire room. Therefore, the cooling capacity of your AC must be chosen as per your room’s space. The best thing would be installing a 1 ton AC in a small room and a 1.5 ton and above in a medium to large space.

You are now aware of the possible reasons why your AC may be running but not cooling your room. So you should keep these things in MSN and if you are planning to buy a brand new AC this summer then you can go through this exclusive AC buying guide. You should consider these aspects and get expert help so that it is resolved at the earliest so that your ac would work properly without any hindrance.