In recent years, technology has developed a lot with regards to trading in the stock market and people can now make use of automated trading using certain algorithms. In simple terms, traders can now set some conditions into the system and the trade will be executed when those conditions are met in the market. In this way, there is no need to wait for the conditions to get triggered by sitting in front of the terminal and manually executing the trade. However, there are a few things that one must know before going for trading. The trades in market go as per the rule of demand and supply and hence in case one wants to go with the trend only, he needs to set the limits first. As soon as the amount of set limit hits in the market, the order gets executed and hence one can have buy or sell trade as per the order.

Trading made easy

Traders need not worry as everything is approved by the stock exchanges and it is very secure even while executing bulk trades. In most cases, it is used for placing bulk orders into the system at a particular set time interval or when the price reaches a certain level. Advanced traders also use algorithmic trading and this can reduce losses to a large extent. Traders will be able to submit orders at the right time in a fraction of second and this will mean that they will not miss out on the desired levels. Those who can do it on their own can have the online trading else there is always dealers present who can help the traders get the orders executed.

The automated trading facility is provided by leading brokers for common traders and this is a boon for many retail traders. The trend is growing fast and many people are using this option to place orders into the market. It is not a surprising thing to see thousands of orders being placed into the market in this manner.

Best option for retail traders

With the exchanges granting permission to retail traders to use high frequency trading software, it has become easy to place orders without waiting all day at the terminal. Most people are busy watching the market for the whole day and they usually place orders at predetermined levels so that they can catch the stocks at that rate. In this way, they need not waste time and it becomes easy to put multiple orders into the system in this manner.

In our country, you can see such trading platforms being used by large trading organizations and some of them even develop their own software for this purpose. However, getting permission to use such software from the exchange is mandatory. As a retail trader, you can get in touch with reputed brokers who are offering this facility and start trading in the market using the advanced software. It is also possible to buy predefined strategies from reputed firms and this can be used in your trades.