As you have seen in our earlier article about the best Minecraft modpacks, this article is related to it. In that article, I have given you information about the top 5 Minecraft mudpack games. The gamers who have played these games have enjoyed them. Still, these  Minecraft modpacks are the best games to play.

Gamers have reviewed the SNES games and have rated them Best SNES games to play.

In my last topic, I have given you information about the top five mudpacks. Today I this article also will provide you with information about the other top five modpacks which are still the best to play and trust me you guys will enjoy playing if you haven’t played these yet.

  • Agrarian Skies 2

This game i.e. Agrarian Skies 2 is the pursuit and impartial based type of game. If you are new in the modpacks then this game is a good one to start playing the modpacks. The pursuit book will guide you through the game step by step towards its progress.

There is no mystical agriculture mod in this game and this is one of the major differences between the SkyFactory 4 and Agrarian Skies 2.

  • Revelation (FTB)

This is the other kitchen sink pack game which is also similar to the Infinity Evolved Pack. This is the new pack in the series which can be run on 1.12 version of the game whereas the Infinity Evolved runs on 1.17 version of the game.

This game includes the new mods all over, which were not seen in the Infinity Evolved pack. This is the greatest mod pack created by the FTB, which has around 200 modpacks in it. For this, your computer should be very much powerful.

This game is good if you like all-purpose modpacks to play.

  • Farming Valley Modpack

The Farming Valley mod pack has been created by the inspiration of Harvest Moon and the Stardew Valley. If you guys have played these two games before then obviously you will like this Farming Valley too. 

In this game will need to build up a small town and plant, harvest, and sell the crops so that you can earn money to get ahead and progress. 

  • DireWolf20

DireWolf20, this is the very popular YouTuber. In this game or mod pack, you will see the collection of the mods which are used in his videos on youtube. This is again the general kitchen-sink mod pack.

The benefit of playing this game is that you can watch the videos of DireWolf20 and also learn the mods.

  • Sky Adventures

The Sky Adventure is again one of the mod pack which is similar to the SkyFactory 4, but with some different mods to play. This pack has the Project E mod, like in the StoneBlock 2, and this is the major difference in the SkyFactory 4 and this mod. This mod allows you for the trading of items with other items and can use the currency named EMC.

Conclusion: So guys here are the top five modpacks from Minecraft. I hope you love to play these games and enjoy them.