Electronics devices like, laptop, and mobile phones are very essential to daily life nowadays owing to their obvious benefits. Being such convenient devices they are also susceptible to easy damages due to spilt liquid, overheating, mechanical failures, and many more. But, repairing these devices incurs a significant repairing cost due to expensive parts.

In such cases, having electronic gadget insurance policies such as a laptop insurance policy can assist individuals to meet the required financial expenses.

Benefits of electronic gadget insurance plans

Purchasing a laptop insurance cover or a mobile screen insurance cover has several benefits; it will not only cover the device from damages but also provide coverage against misplacement or theft as well. Here is a detailed look at the benefits of this policy for a better understanding.

Coverage amount: Individuals can enjoy a coverage amount of Rs.10,000 under such insurance policies.

Minimum payment: Owners can easily avail a laptop protection plan or a similar another insurance plan for another electronic gadget at affordable premiums.

Easy payment options: Interested policy buyers can avail a laptop charger insurance policy or a similar insurance plan by paying the premium amount through different options like UPI, debit/credit cards, mobile wallet etc.

Natural disaster coverage: This policy will provide financial coverage against damages caused due to natural disasters like earthquakes, landslides, floods, cyclone etc. Apart from natural disasters like these, this insurance policy will financially assist policyholders in case of a fire, strike, riots, and other unanticipated scenarios.

Theft coverage: Laptop insurance in India and similar other insurance plans will help policyholders against theft or burglaries. In case of such an incident, this policy will financially assist the policyholder to meet the necessary finances with ease.

Interested laptop owners can avail a Laptop Charger Insurance from insurance aggregators like Bajaj Finserv under their Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions. This insurance plan provides specific financial coverage over your laptop charger against multiple untoward incidents which can cause damage to it.

Mechanical failure: Laptop owners can avail the benefits of such insurance policies in case the insured device suffers any mechanical failure due to electricity or any other reason.

Accidental damages: In case of any accidental damage, policyholders can claim varied financial assistance as per their terms of coverage. Policyholders should remember that in such a scenario, the insured device must be in their possession for a legible claim. Apart from a laptop charger insurance policy, individuals can opt for a mobile charger insurance plans that can provide financial assistance in case of damages caused or misplacement of your mobile charger. All you need to do is purchase the same by providing the necessary documents and personal details.

Individuals can also consider availing a small gadget insurance plan for financial coverage of their electronic devices like power banks, Bluetooth speakers, digital clock, portable vacuum cleaners, etc. At the time of an electrical breakdown, these small devices are affected along with a laptop or mobile phone. A laptop insurance policy or the likes is vital to finically protect electronic devices that are essential to our daily life. Such policies help individuals financially to meet the repair costs or opt for a replacement, whether it is for their laptop charger or for any other gadget with ease.