Travelling by train is a favourite with many people. The entire length of the vehicle moving on like a snake on tracks is such a wonder! Imagine the number of people it carries all across the country daily. It is nothing short of amazing to consider that there are so many stations on each of the routes enabling business and pleasure to amalgamate at its best. Even though the time taken by trains can even run into days for very long distance, the scope of meeting a lot of new people is encouraging. People love to chat with new ones that they meet on the train regardless of age and family background. The train food service has also improved over the years. The opportunity of booking food online has made journey even more enjoyable.

Order online

Now, you can actually order any kind of food on a train journey and have it delivered to your seat. The websites are quite improved and you can put in all the details pertaining to your journey so that the food can be delivered properly. You will have the entire menu to choose from and includes all kinds of food items. Earlier, people would have to order from the train’s pantry or eat whatever is sold by the local vendors when the train reaches a junction or a station. Some people would also pack food from home. But this novel solution of online train food service has actually improved everything even more. The food can be ordered online for all kinds of trains, even the ones with a pantry.

Eat hot food

The best thing about the trains journey is the view of the countryside which many people living in the city are unable to view. You can munch on various kinds of food items sold by the vendors while looking out of the window. However, it is always advisable to eat only hot or warm food from any vendor. Cold food should be strictly avoided. Ensure that the food is served in a hygienical manner in order to avoid any kind of stomach problems. Always, carry a sanitiser with you and use it before eating anything on the train. Ideally, you should always clean your hands properly before eating even when you are not travelling. You can safely eat the food that is packed like biscuits and chips since these are packed in air tight packets.

Try the local cuisine An important part of travelling anywhere is learning about the food of that place. So, if you are travelling through Rajasthan or Delhi or South India, do try to taste the local food. But that does not mean you have to eat something from the roadside eatery or the vendor at the station. You can order the same food from the online train food service. So, you will get a taste of the local food and also eat something that is prepared in a hygienical way and packed properly. Try out various kinds of food items and enjoy your train journey.