How to repair your dryer quickly

With hectic schedules and busy lifestyles, people find very little time for their own activities dryer repair . In such a busy schedule do you think they hang clothes outside? The clothes dryer hence plays a key role in every individual’s life. The most prominently used appliance at home is the dryer. A dryer is very helpful as it helps in obtaining clean clothes for office and school. A dryer dries clothes quickly and hence tagged as a useful appliance for the home. 

The dryer follows a simple mechanism to dry clothes. The wet clothes are rotated by the inner drum, where heated air is dispersed around them to gather the moisture present and directs it to the hose. The dryer is usually used once a week. There are a few scenarios where the dryer may stop working and is discussed below. 

Dryer not working 

A dryer may not dry clothes as there isn’t proper power to operate or may have a broken part. Before analyzing the interiors, it would be recommended to check the power cord, plug, and breakers of the dryer. 

  1. The user needs to check if the isn’t any wear and tear or damage to the cord. Also, the cord should be plugged properly. 
  2. For an electric dryer, the breaker box has to be checked to conclude if the breaker isn’t thrown. The dryers usually work on 240 volts and there are chances for half of the double breaker to be thrown. This may result in a dryer running but not heating. 
  3. When gas dryers are considered, the gas supply must be checked. Also, the breaker needs to be checked for heating issues. 

All these simple fixes are to be ruled out, then look for ways to fix the dryer not drying. The main issues would be dryer may not heat, dryer not spinning, dryer not starting, dryer starts and stops, and dryer making a lot of noise. It is always recommended to plug off the dryer before fixing it. For gas dryers, it is recommended to shut off the gas supply. It would be safe if the user seeks the help of dryer repair services as they can detect the issue easily. 

Dryer not starting 

There are several reasons to be listed for dryer not starting. The power source is to be checked to see if it’s completely plugged in along with the circuit breaker. Other usual dryer issues are the start switch or faulty door issues or control dryer issues such as faulty electronic control board or broken dryer timer. 

  • Issues with board switch are a key reason that can for dryer not starting. The door switch can be activated by shutting the door completely. The switch can be tested by opening the door and pressing the door switch lever. The drum light should turn off if it doesn’t then a failed door switch is the reason for dryer not starting. 
  • Another reason for an electric dryer starting issue is a blown thermal fuse. The blower housing has the thermal fuse. After unplugging the thermal fuse, it should be checked for continuity. Also, the exhaust vent must be checked for a clog, as it may also be a reason for the fuse to be blown. 
  • Dryers that have dial timer, have starting issues due to push to start switch being broken. The continuity of push to start switch can be checked with the help of a millimeter. In that case, the push to start switch can be replaced if there is no continuity. 
  • Dryers that are electronically controlled possess a circuit board that takes control of the dryer components. Starting issues can be due to a faulty circuit board too. 

Seeking the help of professionals for dryer repair can fasten the repair work and also safeguard the appliance. 

Dryer making noise

Some dryers make squealing or squeaking noises, this may be due to issues with the pulley assembly. The tension on the drum belt utilizing friction is controlled by the pulley assembly. The idler pulley assembly fails at times. 

Starting and stopping of the dryer

The electric dryer may start but after a few hours, you may find the clothes are still wet. This can be an issue with the thermal fuse. The thermal fuse in the dryer is a safety mechanism that finds the temperature of the air flowing outer of the vent. At times when the air is too hot, the fuse blows and stops the electric dryer. A replacement is the only way to solve the issue. 


To find out if there are issues with the dryer, the user needs to monitor the signs of the appliance. The above mentioned are a few signs that result in a dryer not working properly. It would be best to hold hands with professional dryer repair to solve any kind of intense issue that happens with the dryer. There are many dryer repair services available online and can be booked online. These services are well-versed in handling all kinds of dryer issues and help to regain your dryer from issues.