All of us have friends. Some of them are close to our mind and soul, while others are just fair-weather friends. However, regardless of their proximity to us, all of them play an instrumental role in filling our memory book with unforgettable moments. Be it traveling, studying, playing, or working, each one of our friends secures a place in our heart.

Taking our feet outside, especially with your friends, has another level. There is truly something amazing and phenomenal about traveling with your friends, and despite all the headaches and impediments you may face along the way, you will still create stories that are funny, crazy, and even frustrating sometimes. These are the memories that you will show to your children when you grow older. Here, we have outlined some crafty ideas that will make your trip memories enduring and vivid. You will thank us if you genuinely implement these ideas!

Create a Memory Book

You might find things like train tickets, restaurant bills, banknotes, etc. to be utterly futile. But believe us; even the most useless things will become magically interesting a few months afterward. After a few months, you will probably not forget the gossip you had with your friends or the dish that you and your friends had eaten at a restaurant. Therefore, keeping a record of all the things which you did during your travel is always a good idea.

You can just buy a small scrapbook and dedicate each page to a different place and fill it with the prominent memories. You can also note down the opinion of your friends regarding each destination.

Let Your Friends Be the Photographers

We all have some friends who love photographing and giving them the job of capturing the beautiful moments will be the most amazing part of their trip. So, as soon as you start travelling, give your friends a camera or a cell phone, and let them capture the moments that they find exciting and exhilarating. Likewise, if you have an inherent inclination towards photography, then you can also help your friends by capturing their moments. Serene Airlines booking will help you to travel inside Pakistan and create obsessive memories. 

Not only will you score some fascinating pictures, but you will also be able to know how your friends have experienced the trip. These will be the photos that will rejuvenate the most precious moments of your life.

Create a Video

When you are abroad, everything is new, and it becomes imperative to store the unique moments in your gallery. Even though taking the pictures will be enough to capture all the moments; however, there are some occasions where images cannot do justice. For example, if you are on the road, then making footage of your friends singing and joking would add intensity and dynamism to your journey.

You can also create a slideshow of all the pictures that you have captured during your journey. Your video would become extraordinarily appealing once you add the faces of your friends in it. And you know what, watching the same video several months after the trip would feel as if you have just returned from the itinerary!

Try to Eat Something from Every Place You Visit

It might sound a little expensive, but creating everlasting memories is also not cheaper! During your travel, you visit various destinations, and each of the places has its own cuisine and traditional food. You will certainly enjoy the particular delicacies of every spot. It might be the High Tea somewhere, a local dessert at a bakery, or it could be spicy mutton at a hilly place. People living in Pakistan especially go from Lahore to Dubai to taste the scrumptious Arab cuisine.  

Eating the most famous delicacy of a particular destination has its own aroma. It would become something that you and your friends will look forward to each time.

Bring Some Souvenirs Back

At the end of your journey, you can bring back some significant souvenirs that will eternalize your trip and revitalize the great experiences. You can bring little trinkets, local guides, shot glasses, fridge magnets, or anything that you feel will refresh your tour memories. Some people even collect the coins and monuments of a particular place so that when they grow old, they could show something significant to their children.

Every time you look towards these memorable commodities, you will feel nostalgic and will unquestionably have those mesmerizing flashbacks.


No matter what happens to you, there are some memories that can never be replaced. And yes, travelling with your friends will give you those imperishable moments which cannot be found anywhere. Don’t be overwhelmed by the negative thoughts, and just do it!

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