split AC under 25000

Reconnect is among the many trusted and reliable manufacturers of split air conditioners in the Indian market. In addition to these appliances, Reconnect also has its own line of TVs and washing machines Split ACs. Common across all these categories of consumer durables is a constant and consistent effort to improve the design and technology used in these appliances, so the end-user gets the most value for their money.

Reconnect’s split air conditioners are also designed keeping these same consumer-friendly standards in mind. There are many features that make the split AC under 25000 from this brand among the best in the consumer durables market. Here’s a quick highlight of the most useful features of Reconnect’s split air conditioners.

  • Compact and space-saving designs
  • Use of non-ozone depleting and eco-friendly refrigerants
  • Easy installation procedure
  • 2-year comprehensive warranty
  • 5-year warranty on the compressor

In addition to these features, split ACs from Reconnect also have many energy-saving features that help keep your electricity expenses in check, even when you use the appliance throughout summer months. Here’s all you need to know about the energy-saving features of split air conditioners from Reconnect.

The use of 100% copper coils

Traditionally, the design for air conditioners included aluminium coils. These parts, while they were less expensive, were certainly not the most energy-efficient solutions. Aluminium is not as durable as copper. It’s also not as efficient. Reconnect’s split air conditioners do not give in to the restrictive designs that were being used earlier.

Instead, the appliances from this brand use 100% copper coils, which have been proven to save more power in the long run than aluminium coils. Furthermore, they also improve the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner. As a result, the units manufactured by Reconnect help you cut down on electricity consumption, thereby saving energy.

Stabilizer-free operation

Earlier, with non-inverter technology as the foundation, air conditioners relied on stabilizers to protect the appliance from sudden surges and drops in the voltage. Now, however, Reconnect’s range of split air conditioners have also evolved to sustain the stabilizer-free operation, thanks to the use of inverter technology.

Inverter air conditioners save more energy than their non-inverter counterparts, because of efficiently controlled motor speed. In non-inverter air conditioners, the motor speed remains constant, so the motor needs to be turned on or off constantly as per the voltage levels. In inverter models, however, the motor continues to function, only with adjusted speeds, so the energy consumption is much lower.

Authentic star ratings for energy-efficiency

Split air conditioners from Reconnect come with authentic energy star ratings that reflect their energy efficiency. The higher the energy star rating, the more efficient the AC is. For instance, with 5-star ACs from Reconnect, you can save a lot of electricity, thereby enjoying lighter electricity bills. In this manner, 5-star ACs from reconnecting help you save energy and money in the long run.

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