Soap Box Packaging

Whether its birthday, Christmas, or online purchase, we all love to unbox packages. That’s why custom soap box packaging is so important. Yet, it is one of those aspects that is often overlooked by the brands.     

The packaging is a crucial part of your marketing mix, but unfortunately, many businesses still consider it an expense than an investment. You have work day in and day out to create a winning product and experience that will blow your customers away. So why should one fall apart at the seams?

Custom soap packaging will work as a cherry on top of the cake. At the same time, it will have a host of other advantages for your business. The Legacy Printing has listed the top four benefits here:     

Custom Packaging is More than Just a Box

Custom Packaging is More than Just a Box

There is more custom soap packaging than what meets the eye. Sure, a rectangle or square shape is critical to provide your customers with easy access to the product, but you need more than this to create a memorable experience.  

For instance, if you want to deliver your soaps in the optimal condition, they may need a little more protection. Of course, you can use yesterday’s newspaper to wrap your soaps, but if you are looking to offer your customers a luxurious and extravagant experience, that’s probably not going to work for you. Instead, your customers will regret buying from you.   

When you want to charge high against your soaps, it’s best to seek professional help and use custom printed tissue paper with the packaging box to keep the soaps in the best condition and make the scent lasts for a more extended period.  

This will add a wow factor when your ideal customers will open the packaging for the first time. If your packaging is a stage that presents your soaps, custom printed tissue paper will work as a curtain that will slowly reveal your product to the customers. Even a simple mailer box with your brand’s logo would work as a ‘custom packaging role’.

If you are planning to sell your soaps out of a traditional brick and mortar store or at a trade show, you can impress your audience with branded custom soap box packaging. Not only are the cardboard boxes fully biodegradable, but they also work as walking billboards when customers carry them from one place to another.     

It Promotes Your Eco-Friendly Image 

It Promotes Your Eco-Friendly Image

As people are becoming more eco-conscious, brands are also opting for sustainable ways to minimize their carbon footprint on the planet. Cutting down on the carbon footprint often means reducing packaging. It makes sense because the packaging is often used once before it is disposed of.    

Unfortunately, soap is one of those products that come in packaging, which often ends up in landfills. As a result, many soap producers are trying to ensure their packaging isn’t taking anything away from mother nature.  

Several packaging companies, including the Legacy Printing, use cardboard to carve bespoke soap packaging as 80 per cent of the material is made from recycled waste. Meaning, your custom soap boxes were empty toilet rolls, kids’ school books, or cereal boxes in the previous life. In comparison, the remaining 20 per cent is sustainable ink and brand spanking new glue. 

If your brand is keen to align itself around environmentally friendly packaging, Kraft or cardboard is the obvious choice. However, this doesn’t mean that sustainable packaging would not echo your branding. The organic material can be customized to your liking by using attractive colours and intriguing imagery to make your soapboxes stand out.