Washing Machine

Think, what would be the situation, if it’s laundry day and your machine does not start. This sort of situation is very difficult to handle. At that time, most of the people will seek for Washing Machine services. 

Before that, it becomes very important for you to consider whether you should go appliance repair services or completely replace the machine. Purchasing a new one will involve a lot of money. So, before, you make a purchasing decision, there are certain things that you need to ask yourself. 

Sometimes, you might observe that opting for a washer repair is an affordable option or you may learn that a replacement will help to save a lot of time as well as money in the long run. 

Here are given some basic questions that you should ask yourself before opting for any of these two options; repair and replace.

What Is The Problem?

The first step towards deciding is to exactly figure out where the specific problem lies. There are some specific parts of washing machine that are very easy to fix by yourself as well as inexpensive. 

Again, some other parts are expensive that requires the care of an experienced technician. For example, you can easily replace the washing machine pump by yourself. However, you should seek the help of a professional if there is damage to the motor. 

In case you are not sure about the problem, you should ask an expert washer repair person. So, you should find such an appliance repair company that can effectively diagnose the problem. 

Often, figuring out of the specific problems helps to decide whether to replace the overall machine or to opt for small repairs. 

  1. Repair: You may be able to take care of different inexpensive problems on your own that include those which are related to the water valve, machine’s belt, seal replacements as well as pulley. 

On the other hand, you will need the help of a professional washer repair expert for a motor or pump replacement. But, it will certainly save you from the replacement of the overall machine.

  1. Replace: If you see that there is a cracked tub problem, that it will be less expensive as well as easier to replace the entire machine. Often, it is simpler to replace a washer but it would be a costly option to opt for. 

What Would Be The Involved Cost?

Whenever you call the experts, you should essentially consider whether the repair cost is worth it or not. In case the repair involves labour fees, it will cost you more than 50% of what it would take for replacement. 

  1. Repair: Repair is considered to be the best option in case it would cost less than 50% of the new appliance price. This indicates that your appliance possesses many years of life left. 

In this regard, it would be an affordable option to opt for a quick fix. But, you should choose only such a repair service that provides you with an active warranty.

  1. Replace: In case, you see that the defective part would specifically cost you more than 50% cost of a new washer, you should opt to replace your appliance.  

How Longer The Appliance Expected To Live?

The life span of every machine is dependent on usage along with the proper maintenance. Washing machine usually last about 11 years. Even, if your washer is 8 or 9 years old, you can seek for replacement.

  1. Repair: In case your washer is many years younger than its expected lifespan, you will end up spending a very little amount of money on the repairs. So, it would be the best option to opt for replacement rather than a replacement.
  2. Replace: We all are aware of the fact that an older machine breaks down easily. Several repairs could seem to be unaffordable. So, it would be the ideal option to replace your washing machine. 


So, whether you go for washer repair or replacement, you should always check the warranty. In case you are having a new machine which is still under warranty, you even may not have to pay for it.