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Medical laboratory testing is playing an important role in maintaining the overall health of a patient. Without precise medical reports, it becomes impossible for your healthcare professionals to conduct the diagnosis process. Therefore, Lifebrite Lawsuits an Atlanta based laboratory is currently integrating its lab with cut-edge technology to ensure the precision of the lab reports. If the patient routinely conducts his laboratory testing, it will almost prevent any kind of disease. Because you can detect the diseases at the earliest and start the recovery process as soon as possible. In many countries, the majority of people’s death has been caused due to improper treatment based on inaccurate medical reports. 

However, LifeBrite is currently taking all the best measures to maintain the precision in lab reports. We will talk about the laboratory testing process in detail in this blog and describe the importance of getting a lab report from a precise medical laboratory.

The Role of a Lab Technician

The role of a lab technician or also known as laboratory scientists is to perform the laboratory test. They must be aware of using modern technology and take all the measures to make a precise judgment Lifebrite Lawsuits. These professionals will be responsible for analyzing the reports and relay those to physicians. Mostly the chemical, haematological, biological, microscopic, bacteriological tests are done under the keen observation of these laboratory technicians. The entire duties are as the following, 

  • Make examination and analysis of body fluids, blood, tissues, cells, etc. 
  • Identify the fluids and tell the details to physicians. 
  • Monitor patient outcomes to ensure which of the treatment is better for him. 
  • Utilize high-end technology and laboratory equipment. 
  • Write quality assurance programs. 

There are various types of laboratory testing available and especially LifeBrite offers a long list of laboratory testing to ensure better health to their patients. Let’s take a look at the couple of testing facilities available at LifeBrite, 

Toxicology Tests

LifeBrite offers clinical toxicology and diagnostic tests to ensure patients are improving. These tests include urine drug testing and others where lab technicians equip themselves with state-of-the-art technology to ensure precision. The best part is that the result is accessible within 24 hours which helps to foster faster recovery. 

Blood Chemistry Tests

Blood chemistry involves a long list of testings to check the patient’s overall system’s efficiency. Mostly this is included in regular checkups as physicians must know the kind of medication that is working for the patient and every detail of their patients. 

Molecular Pathology Tests

Molecular pathology tests include testing DNA to detect the genetic variation in a patient. By checking a patient’s genetic variety physicians can customize their treatment process and make a precise medical prescription that works for the patient. This is one of the best ways to create a diet plan for a patient that works for the betterment of the patient. 


The importance of precise medical laboratory-like Lifebrite Lawsuit can never be undeniable and physicians rely on the lab test reports to start the diagnosis process effectively. So, join your hands with a professional lab and get yourself the best treatment.