If you are looking for ways to get Free YouTube Subscribers, you need to work hard. You can optimize your video all you want but if you are not presenting properly, then what is the use.

Hence, you must know how to grab user attention and at the same time make, they subscribe to your channel. 

Make a Teaser

Often when people come to your channel, they may visit your home page. Your home page should be as optimized as your videos. Oftentimes, when people click on a video, they do not like to watch the whole thing for long. It might affect the view time and there is a drop in views. 

If you have a teaser sort where you are conveying the most important point to your users in the video, people might take an interest and watch the rest of the video about what the whole thing is. If you notice, when you see the recipe videos, all of them have a shot of the finished one at the beginning of the video to create curiosity in the mind of the viewer to see the whole video. 

You need to also try a fail moment or a little BTS moment at the beginning of other kinds of the video where you are inculcating that interest in the viewer to see the complete video.

Most of the famous YouTubers announce their giveaways at the end of the video so that the viewers can stay till the end and see what the giveaway is all about. Hence, you can use some phrases that can make the viewers stay or plan something nice at the end of the video. This will make them stay and subscribe to your video. This way you will get Free YouTube Subscribers.

Encouraging People To Subscribe

As much as you are putting efforts to work on the video and getting in views, you need to also think about how to get free YouTube Subscribers. If viewing is one thing, subscribing to your channel is another huge thing for your channel. You need to manage to get enough attraction so that can make them subscribe to your channel. 

If you think this is all it takes, you need to make them accept push notifications so that whenever you post a video, they get a push notification on their phone to watch your video. This way you are creating a cycle where the subscriber comes engages with your video till the very end and watches other videos of yours. 


Doing the above things such as engaging with your video and likes with comments on your videos can go a long way. The algorithms of YouTube can help to index the video higher track all this engagement. This will definitely help you to get Free YouTube Subscribers.

Subscribing to your channel means that the people liked your videos so much that they are going to be recurring and want to see your content regularly. Hence, make sure that you are asking people to like, comment, and subscribe to your channel.