Genotyping Technology

Earlier this year, the world was hit by a pandemic named Covid-19. Presently the cases are rising each and every single day increasing the death rate unexpectedly. This is the reason why most of the healthcare leaders are scared at the moment and trying their best possible way to come out with a solution to deal with Genotyping Technology. Being one of the leaders in the healthcare industry, the Christian Fletcher lab is currently taking the best possible measures to deal with the situation efficiently. 

Therefore, LifeBrite laboratory is integrated with the latest technologies and equipment to conduct faster lab testing. The primary issue that most people faced at the initial level is to identify the symptoms of Covid-19. According to most healthcare professionals, the symptoms of this disease are similar to any other respiratory illness. This is the reason why laboratories are unable to detect the disease. And this is causing the rise in the number of cases. 

Therefore, the laboratory is currently integrating genotyping technology to detect the difference between SARS and COV-19. This technology will allow faster detection of the disease and hence foster faster recovery. Currently, the primary reason for the spread of the pandemic disease is because of the delay in the lab testing reports. In this blog, we’ll be talking about the perks of this technology, 

Earliest Detection of The Disease

The earliest detection of the disease will prevent the disease from spreading. LifeBrite is integrating its process with cut-edge technology in order to detect the disease at the earliest and stop the spreading. Currently, they are delivering same-day results. This means patients and healthcare professionals can detect the disease within the same day of testing their blood. So, it will be easier for doctors to start the diagnosis process faster and provide proper medication based on the reports. 

Precise Treatment Process

The precision in the treatment process will reduce the recovery time. Presently the lack of proper equipment in testing the disease is confusing the professionals about the recovery process. As a result, patients are not being treated with the appropriate process or medication. This is not only increasing the number of cases in a brief amount of time but also putting patients’ lives in danger. However, the LifeBrite team has been trying their best to foster a faster recovery in a short span of time. 

Reduced Number of Cases

Currently, the pandemic is putting so many lives in danger. People are locked up in their homes dealing with depressions, restraining themselves from meeting their family, etc. In this time, the faster recovery and LifeBrite’s measures taken for preventing the disease should be laudable indeed. Christian Fletcher Atlanta based laboratory’s CEO is trying his best to shift the world towards better. This genotyping technology will surely help to reduce the number of cases.


This is the time we should stick together and fight against the pandemic. Having leaders like Fletcher is surely a blessing as the man is trying his best to stop the pandemic very soon. The genotyping technology will surely improve the Covid-19 testing and foster faster recovery which is a need of the hour.