DevOps Certifications

DevOps is now a significant certification course that current-day organizations will not be able to survive without. However, many technical experts may still feel that DevOps Certifications are valuable? Currently, possessing advanced knowledge about the technical skills through pursuing this course will show you a new path of opportunities.

Introduction of DevOps

For those associated with the IT sector, obtaining a certification in DevOps Certifications has become a trend now. This course came into existence from the year 2009. It really left a profound impact on the IT industry due to the connection made between the techniques of Development(Dev) and Operations(Ops). To make the development process more manageable, various DevOps tools are now available. In fact, many of these tools will fit into the budget.

We will tell you about two popular technologies that form the basis for the development of the DevOps certification program.

  • First, Agile software development is the primary requirement for all business in the modern business world
  • Robust operations management should be there at every stage of the development process. This is the second element that influenced DevOps development, which is a major need for service-oriented organizations.

Thus, it is quite implied that this certification can give you a competitive advantage over the ones just passing the academic degree course. Now, more and more industries are selecting DevOps Certifications as an effective medium for IT operations. Your brushed up skills will enhance your excellence in the technical grounds and reduce the overall burden of the entire IT team.

Value Of DevOps

Your thinking capabilities will reach new heights when you accomplish this certification. So, the specially trained DevOps professionals always gain extra importance when the question of technical expertise emerges. Moreover, the salary packages of these professionals are always much higher than the ordinary ones. However, DevOps professionals’ roles and responsibilities may vary according to the companies’ specific needs. Thus, after you get a job as a qualified expert in DevOps tools, you must have a clear idea about your responsibilities and profile. In the USA, the two most popular designations in this field are DevOps Architects and DevOps Engineers. Reputed companies like IBM, TCS, Accenture, etc. offer special salary packages for DevOps professionals. Therefore, having this certification can prove to be a treasured addition to a lovely career in the field of software and technologies.

Not So Easy

You have to really work very hard to qualify the examination for DevOps Certification. The biggest reason to consider this course as a valuable one is the potential and proof it gives to your skills and knowledge. To clear this exam, you have to prepare thoroughly and get adequate training and guidance. The result is genuinely a prized-possession for you. Most of the top MNC today search for the DevOps experts to take care of their software development processes. Hence, polished knowledge and experience are prerequisites for the desired output. So, make sure that you pass this certification program from a reputed organization that can increase the weightage of your degree. Some best roles in which you can work after becoming such an expert is

  • Architect
  • Consultant
  • Test Analyst
  • Developer
  • Manager

So, if you are still in a dilemma, give a second thought to the idea. Obtaining specialized knowledge in the technical field can be a boon for any engineer’s career. The tremendous speed with which this technology is engulfing various sectors is the evidence that DevOps will soon become the IT language for all the companies. Any interested candidate who does not possess any professional degree in the technical field can gain this certification degree.